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It's About Hobo... I don't know what to do!

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Some info about Hobo first... She was born last may and right now she only has one eye. It was removed when a sliver of glass got caught in her eye and managed to pop it. She is in perfect health right now, and just last week I took her for a full check up and she came out with a bill of clean health.

Now I just recently moved into a new house, from a 1 BR studio appartment, to a 3 BR townhouse (all one level). Since I've moved in Hobo has been so terrified that she hasen't left my bed (with the sole exception of using the litter box that's in my bedroom, less than 3 feet from the bed). I've done everything I can think of to help her out so she'll get used to the new place. I even made sure to strew the place with my old laundry (so that way the scent is familiar to her, because hobo has always been a biiiig mama's girl.).

It's only been 2 days, but I'm worried that it may have been too big of a change for her, and that i may have to move again to a studio appartment so she'll be ok.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? Because I have to do laundry soon, and well...

~ Salem
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Aaaw, poor HoBo and poor Salem.

All you need to do is to relax a bit. HoBo has had a big change in her life and simply needs a little time to get used to the change. The less you push her to adapt, the faster she will get used to the new place. So, for now, let her hide in the bedroom and you hang out in the living room. Read out loud or talk to the TV, so she will hear your voice and know you are in the other room. It won't take too long until she gathers her courage and comes out to see what you are up to. But, give her some time...several more days at least!
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Thanks for the reply, I was just worried. So many problems have been coming up lately that i wasen't sure if it was a psycoligical problem with hobo, or a paranoia problem with me

~ Salem
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If a cat previously lived in your townhouse, perhaps the lingering scent of that cat has Hobo spooked? Have you shampooed the carpets - there are odor neutralizers that you can use to remove scent.

Give her time - her world just got a LOT bigger.
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She'll probably be just fine. Give her a week or so to get up the nerve to explore. At least she's in your bed and not under it - that's a good sign. Good luck with the new place!
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When I moved from an one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom condo with very high ceilings, my two cats were not happy. They stayed under my bed for a week only coming out to eat and use the litter box and when they came out to do that they stayed very low to the ground (I'm thinking because of the high ceilings). After about the 4th day I brokedown and cried, because I thought I had ruined them for life and they would live under my bed forever, but after about a week they came out standing on all fours (no more slithering across the floor) and you would have thought they had lived here forever.

It just takes time.

Congratulations on the move.
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I'm moving from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom townhouse in a few weeks. (unfortuanlly back to my parent's place for a bit) I'm worried how Em will take to the place. He's only known this place. I've brought him over and he explores the place alright, but he knows its only a visit. Once my bedroom set is in I'm sure he'll look at the place differently. I hope he adjusts well. My only real concern is my brother who in mild terms HATES!!!!! cats. I know he would never do anything to harm him, but the hate vibe will be towards Em when ever my brother sees him and I hope that doesn't offend Emmett too much. My parents will be nice to him. But I think Em will be stuck in my room for most of the time.
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My Chester was the same way when I moved in with my boyfriend. It actually took him about 4 months to get adjusted. He used to permanently camp out under the couch. I was so worried because I wouldn't see him eat or go to the litterbox. He is fine now, though. He's always been a little bit aof a scaredy-cat. Good luck with Hobo.
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Is there an update?? How is Hobo doing?

My 2 where terrified when we moved. They didn't leave the bedroom for a week. Slowly but surely they started coming out and exploring the house. We made a point of not staying in the bedroom for to long so that if they wanted attention they would have to come out....with time they did and now they love the house!
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