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does your cat have a favorite toy?

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Patches has this cute little pillow that i got as a freebie
a while back - she LOVES that thing,she drags it around
everywhere - she also likes to drag my daughters Barbie Dolls
by the hair so we have to make sure they are put away
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Sammycat has a little orange racing bear that he likes to beat the crap out of. Oscar loves all of the nip mice that we have in the house his fave is the leopard spotted one
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Socks has her Minnie Mouse... it was mine when I was little but she moved in and it's been her's ever since. It's a fair sized stuffed animal, probably about the size of a Kleenex box (lol, it's the only thing I could compare it to...). She drags it everywhere!
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Yup Riley has my toes.
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All my cats apart from Alfie love the little feather on the end of a string type toys.
Alfie, on the other hand thinks he's above the rest, and the only thing which will get him moving is jewllery!!! especialy a necklace dragged along the floor...oh and only silver or gold will do!!
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They love all their toys

But I think they both like the feathers on a stick the best. Saki carries it around in his mouth and growles LMAO!! Zoey used to drag hers into the bedroom when I went to bed.

Saki also loves the mice too .. he carries those around in his mouth.. so cute!
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when im on the computer she lays by my feet and plays
with the mouse string
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mine also love that feather on a stick thing. A tortie I had long ago adopted a fluffy mouse toy and used to take it to be fed (dropped into bowl of wet food!) collected some time later and take to the litter box. It would stay there some time until she remember about it. Effie never had kittens of her own and never realy took to any new real life kittens but would drag this beaten up fluff scrap thing about until it more or less imploded. Once it was gone that was it-she never 'adopted' another.
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Our older cats all seem to only like toys that are moving, though Tuxedo will play with those small furry mice that rattle inside by himself - those are his favorite. We toss them around for him and he just goes nuts. (He won't play with ones that don't rattle!)

Lazlo and Sheldon go INSANE for the feathers. On a pole, not on a pole, an ostrich feather, regular feathers, furry feathers - it doesn't matter. They growl to, and run around with them (dragging the pole if necessary, LOL!) And the weirdest thing - we found these bright red feathers on a yellow string at the end of a neon pink pole. I know cats don't see reds very well - but for some reason, this particular toy drives both of them more insane than any other feather toys we've come up with.

Flowerbelle plays with anything, although her favorite is the ping-pong balls - especially if they're contained in something, like the shower or a box.

Spooky loves elastic. I bought lots of elastic pacs (1/8 wide) at Walmart, braided them together into long strings, and tie up the ends. There doesn't need to be anything at the end of it - just the knot will do. We drag it around and she goes nuts for it! I like braiding them because then it's thick enough she can't chew threw them.
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...although... listening to the pandemonium currently happening in my home, I'm beginning to think Tuxedo's favorite toy is Flowerbelle!!!!
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(We have long tubes from Home Depot - they're called "Quickrete" Quick Tubes - they're made out of thick cardboard and we bought the ones that are 8" thick. They're used for forming concrete footers for stuff.)

Flowerbelle darts in one end of the tube (which we cut into 3 - 4 - 5 foot lengths) and Tuxedo runs down to the other end. She pops out, he jumps - she runs around him and bolts back in the tube. She hides in there. He runs down to the other end and pops his head in there. She comes racing out the other end again. He races after her - she runs around after him. We have two right next to each other on the floor of the bedroom - between the bed and the wall. They can either go through the tubes, over the bed, or up over the other stuff on top of the tubes. They'll chase each other in circles around there forever it seems.

Some of them we left bare - it makes balls roll through there really quickly. Two we purchased carpet remnants for, and cut them into thin strips ( about 3 inches wide) and taped into the tube, so they've got something they can grip on to. These we prop up so they can race up onto shelves or into cabinets we've cleared out for them. (Because we live in the RV, we can't leave them up, but they make good mobile playstations when we do put them up).

Tubes are great fun!!!!
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spinning feathers on a rope. amber knows where I put it - in the laundry room - and all you have to do is open the door and she will come running! she will walk in and sit and stare at them! sometimes I cant play with her and I have to usher her out and she gives me the most pathetic little 'mew'.
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My hair?

(Sad, but true!)
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Simba likes the feathers on a stick, too. I got him some balls with bells inside and he just looks at me like I'm crazy when I try to get him to chase them. Same with the fabric fish stuffed with catnip.

The only other thing I've found that he likes to play with is the covers on the bed. When I'm making the bed up after washing the sheets - shaking the sheets and blankets out onto the bed - he will come flying into the room, leap onto the bed so fast he skids all the way across it, and start play-attacking the covers. Then if I run my hand around underneath them he really goes crazy.
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Originally posted by AuroraViva
My hair?

(Sad, but true!)
Here too!

Mr Underfoot's second favorite toy after my hair is his giant fuzzy rat - I give it to him as a distraction to rabbit-kick when he starts trying to pick on the other cats.
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All of my girls like the same toy. It's a bright toy at the end of a rope that also has feathers and a little bell.
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My boys love the bite sized toy rats and string, LOL!
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blackies fav. toy is a mouse that is filled with cat nip, and stripey likes those mice that has a rattle sound when he bats them, they end up under the fridge. most of the time they both like the wild streak, its a wand toy with a feather on the end
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Ivo's two favorite toys are a tinsel ball (silver tinsel on a lavender ball) and cheap Bic ballpoint pens. I toss the ball in the middle of the living room before I go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning it's under the futon, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the kitchen...As for the pens, I'll drag them on the futon, on the floor-and she goes nuts trying to grab the end and give it the killing bite

My Dad's cat Pumpkin's favorite toy is a little stuffed dog, named Mr. Doggie. I got it when I was a child, and it's a bit smaller than a regular beanie babie. Pumpkin latched onto it when Dad first got her as a 10 week old kitten, although Mr. Doggie was larger than she was. Even so, she'd still drag it all over the house. Nowadays (10 years later), Mr. Doggie has lost his ears, tongue, eyes, stuffing and fur but Pumpkin still drags him all around the house.
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Patches also likes my hubby's comb
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Rowdy's favorite toy is a dog. When Ike and Pearl are in the house, she wrestles and romps with them. A wagging tail is irresistable to her. Poor Ike was one the sofa, the other night and Rowdy popped up, over the back and grabbed his tail. Ike yelped and tried to climb into Bill's lap. An 85-pound dog, cowed by an 8-pound cat! That's what you call REALLY pussy-whipped!

Opie isn't much for toys. He will knock his brush onto the foor and brush his own face, though.

Buddy likes to get under the bed covers and play. Of course, boxes are always popular and Rowdy will be in her element, when the Christmas tree goes up.
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LMAO, Cindy!!!!
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paper bags and anytype of capped pen--LMAO...guess i should stop dropping the money on toys!!!
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This morning, Buddy took a shine to a fuzzy purple mousie. He was having a good time, until Rowdy took it away from him. She didn't want to play with it - she just didn't want Buddy to have it.

He was playing with a ball and Rowdy came over, bit him on the ear and took that away, too.
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These are too funny!

For some strange reason, Mr.Underfoot just goes NUTS over the rubber tubing I use for an exercise band - he grabs it and carries it around the house like he's caught a snake. I have to put it in a cupboard or box that latches firmly, because no matter where I hide it he always manages to find it! He's torn up a couple of them already. He does the same thing with measuring tapes, too .

My guys love the tinsel balls and marinated mice, too, and of course the laser toy - they'll bonk heads sometimes chasing the laser. They love the kitty flier - I have to hide it when it's not in use.

Unexpected budget toys:
The little kitten's favorite toys (after the dog) are an empty toilet paper roll & a paper bag.
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In general, Steve and I are their favorite toys, although the 6 foot cat tree and their new kitty condo is a close second. Koko loves the fishin-for-kitty pole with the leather strips on one end - when she is playing with it, she won't share with anyone else. They all generally love any of our fishin-for-kitty poles - they're all over the house so we can pick up a game with them anytime. They also love the cat-track - a ping-pong ball inside a plastic tube with holes cut out on all sides - I bought them a new one the other day and had 6 cats trying to play with it at the same time (missed the picture). I gotta get a pack of ping-pong balls and just stick them in a box sometime.

And of course there is just the plain old empty box!!
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All of my cats love pipe cleaners, but Ava steals our socks and hides them under the couch
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Legolas has taken a very special interest in the 2 Dreamcatchers that I have hanging above my headboard and has started taking them down. That infuriates me to no end as they are NOT a toy. About the only other thing Legolas likes is to chase Aragorn and beat him up only it always backfires on him.

Aragorn on the other hand plays with almost all of his toys especially the one the Shelter gave us for him. All it is is a puff ball and boy when that's in his mouth he growls at Legolas for even coming close to him. He also loves straws and of course what Aragorn has Legolas wants. He also has this thing about buttons and zippers, haven't figured that one out yet.

And both have this thing with water. What a mess they make, they throw or drop their toys in the dogs water bowl and the take a paw and splash water all over the place until they somehow and believe me I don't know how but they turn the water bowl over! Well, at least the floors get washed everyday!

I'm probably missing a lot of their favs but I think that's enough for now!
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