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The Goss!

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Hi Everyone- Well I'm back!

I have been trying to catch up on some threads but I thought I would post an update first so that you all know where'i'am'at!

The New House- We are officially renting it and Mum & Tom went around just before to check it out(again,again) I was busy playing fetch with the dogs coz they missed me lots and they were sizing it up seeing where everything was going to go , there are 4 bedrooms and a rumpus, i'm going to have the biggest one because it will be next to the computer room and the lounge(i haven't seen the inside but i have seen the outside) . I will be going to look at the inside tomorrow hopefully now we have the keys. I'm not excited about moving into a new house because i'm going to miss my friends here but i'm still going to the same school. Mum thinks we are going to move in on Tuesday, which is sad because it's quite soon, but we have all the power/phone lines/internet etc all set up for when we move, so I should be able to chat right away and right next door to our house is courts so i can freshen up my basketball skills , my shepard soul is good at sports and we actually play soccer and when i throw the ball at her nose she will nudge it and can get it in the hoops.. a real life air bud huh? , It's also a 10 minute walk away from the beach, and my dogs love the beach so i can't wait to take them to the beach

The camera- We are borrowing one from the camera shop but we are not using rechargable batteries so i can't be taking pics willy nilly but i will see if i can get a few new pics of our new house for you guys tomorrow

The Holidays- Only Today,Friday,Sat & Sun left of the school holidays, it wont be long until i'm sorting out all my books etc etc..

and DADS HOUSE! - Well as you know I left on Monday , Nana & Grandad took me up, and my rat Sally, I couldn't leave her all that time without a friend , so she came up as well. and we got there and dad had just had Sky TV put on(that's all the very best channels) so we watched alot of sky up there and dads a chef so we enjoyed alot of nice meals, dad now has no pets he had to give his dog away because of his health, but the dog fatty is in a great new home , he wants to get a cat but i'm telling him NO WAY , because last time he had a cat it was a beautiful black exotic he left it with his flat mates, so he's not getting a cat , but there are TONNES of stray cats up there(in Foxton) so I might give dad a few tips on feeding them etc etc, I heard alot of them fighting and everytime I went out I would see them scat, so next time i'm up there i'm going to hunt them out , coz i wanna see if they are okay. On the subject of cats , The local pub where dad works has also got alot of stray cats around(this is the first time in my life i have ever seen stray cats BTW) and I was talking to one of dads friends and he seemed really interested in helping these cats out, and he said ohh I think they are covered in Ringworm so I told him all the symptoms of ringworm and he said no it's not that and he described them to me and I diagnosed it as flea allergy and since hes good friends with the owners of the pub they are going to pull together and buy worm paste,ringworm tablets(in case) flea spray and some food etc etc , Well they actually already feed these cats , kibble and fresh cooked meats(from the roast dinners they do), So I felt happy in myself that in a way I helped these people.... Well I could tell you lots more stuff that happened, but I'm quite tired from typing right now LOL.. Thanks for reading my goss... and if anyone requests I can share more

Hugs to you all..

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Welcome back Sam

Sounds like you had a really good time at your Dad's house. Your new home sounds like a dream home to me, beaches within walking distance and all I am glad that you educated the men at the pub on how to take care of the strays(you earned your wingson that).
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Thanks Cathi.

I sure hope next time I go up to dads i will see the cats looking healthier-

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OMG how awsome what you did with them stray cats . How wonderfull of you . You go girl ....... By the way , Welcome back to TCS

The new house you move in sounds great to me . A beach is there wow . I am sure you will like the new house , it always take some time to ajust to a new invirioment (sp) . Yes we do like to see some pics
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Welcome back Sam! And that new house sounds awesome! Maybe you can post some pic's for us once you're all settled in? And that's so sweet of you to be concerned for those stray kitties!
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Great work Sam! By the way, how did it work out with you vollenteering at the shelter? Is there another shelter near your new home? Maybe one near your dad's home that can help with spay/neuter for all those strays?

Ok nuff questions... I missed you!
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Glad you're back! Nice to hear of all the goings on while you were away. Very cool about the strays.
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Hi Everyone- Thanks so much for all the welcome backs!

Hedi- Thanks dear, I'm going to look at the house today I'm so pumped, When we move in i'm going to have our 3 youngest girls in my room until we settle in, someone might be giving us a wendy house so we can keep our smelly boy Danlara in and we have a huge cage for Benja(but danlara is in it at the moment) we can't keep studs loose in the house. Mum also said the house was really clean so that's a plus no extra cleaning!

Thanks for that Viva, I will send pics soon as poss, especially when I have my room all set up.

Hey Teresa-

I could volunter at the shelter, but they had enough people for evenings and i couldn't help during the day because of college , I might help when the summer holidays come up, seeing as we have eight weeks. There are no vets or shelters in Foxton but I think there might be one in Palmerston North(10 minutes drive), I will have to look into it . Thanks.


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DragonLady You amase me what you all can think off
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