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Cats and Dogs

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Ok, if your only experiences with dogs were bad ones in which they chased you up a tree, and wouldn't leave you alone, would you not be rather protective of your area if one came into it, even if she was a nice dog??

My sister had her baby, and so we have her dog that is about 4 months old (the dog, not the baby). Anyways, b/c it gets a little cold at night time, the dog comes inside. This does not sit well with Shorty, our inside kitty. She started hissing and scratching at her, b/c she was in Shorty's territory. The other night, Kacy the dog, was in, and Shorty went under the bed, even though Kacy wasn't bothering her at all. Now Shorty isn't allowed in the house, b/c Dad thinks she has an attitude problem, and he's scared that if we let her inside when the baby comes, she's gonna attack the baby. (Not really much point in arguing with him), so Mom says we'll just keep Shorty outside when they are here.

My opinion (which isn't worth a whole lot against the other 3 people in the house here) is to let Shorty come in and go to sleep and do whatever she wants. If you give her attention, play with her, or just let her go to sleep, she's fine. She doesn't bother anyone new that comes into the house or anything, unless she's in a mood, ya know? I think half her problem is just b/c Kacy is a dog, and she doesn't like dogs, and even though Kacy isn't really going to hurt her, she can't help but think that all dogs are the same.

What do you think???
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Congratulations to your sister on the birth of her baby (today?)!!

Cats and dogs can adjust quite nicely together. If you were introducing a new cat in the house, wouldn't you expect some time for adjustment? Same for Shorty and Kacy

Oops - rewrite - ignore previous - got Stormy and Kacy mixed up!
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take a look at this article:

Am I correct in reading this that they kicked the indoor cat out so they could let the dog in at night?

It sounds like crate-training the dog would be a good solution. The above website has a link about crate-training. If the dog is crated or otherwise separated from the cat while it's inside, the cat won't feel so much like her territory is being invaded. Booting the cat outside will only make things worse for the poor kitty! She needs to know that her place in the house is secure, and that she comes first. Give her lots of attention, and try trimming her claws to minimize damage to the dog (as long as she's not put outside, you don't want her claws trimmed if she's going to be outdoors).

I adopted a dog last winter, and the more territorial of my cats wasn't thrilled, but given time (and supervision), and with the help of a crate, they worked it out. The cat and the dog now know the cat is boss, and everything is peaceful. Good luck!

Also, there is a product called Feliway that may be useful for you - it is supposed to help calm cats in stressful situations.
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Yes, my sister had her baby on the 1st. Thanks

I'm not too worried really, b/c the dog is going home tomorrow, so it's not like she's staying forever....I'd be kind of more patient if she was, and I'm glad she's not!!! lol

Shorty goes outside mostly at night anyways, b/c she wants to. She's inside/outside kitty. When she wants out, she goes out, and when she wants in, she comes in. But the fact that when Shorty wants in, and Kacy's in, and then Shorty can't come in.....it kind of makes me mad. I am rather glad the dog is going home tomorrow! We put the dog out, and Shorty came in this morning, and she's sleeping in her spot, so all's good so far! I'll have to put her out a bit later, but I might be able to manage letting her in a bit later on....

Anyways, I think once the dog is gone, Shorty will be less territorial. And she'll be queen once again! lol

If I ever have cats and dogs together, I'll keep your product links in mind. Thanks.
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Just a short note, Shorty has forgiven me...so far! lol She's sitting here licking my foot...It's this thing she has, she likes to lick your feet, b/c her "spot" is underneath the computer, and as it gets rather warm in here, barefeet are much more comfortable, and so she likes to sit and lick your feet I'm so happy that she's not mad at us (well me) anymore!
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