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I have to give away 2 kitties tomorrow!!!!

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Ok, I knew this day was coming ever since the babies were born, but now I don't want to give them away!!!! And I definetly can't keep them (way too many cats....mostly mine in town). If we lived on a farm, it might be ok, but we don't. Anyways, I have to give away the calico one, and maybe Whiner (the gray and white one). I don't want to! At least I know they are going to a good home, but it still doesn't make it easier! And I didn't name any of them except Whiner, b/c I knew that if I did, I so wouldn't want to give them up! Except I still don't want to give them up!!! Man you can't win for losing!!!
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Man that is a bummer I know that you don't want to give up any of your purrbabies but it will be for the best. {{{{{Hugs}}}}}}
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I'm sorry.

I hope they will go to wonderful homes where they will be spoiled rotten!
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Me too! Maybe I'll be lucky and get to go see them every once in a while! Thanks
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I'm sorry you have to give up a couple kitties! Maybe you can stay in touch with the people and go visit sometimes?
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The ppl that are taking the cats I know. There is only 1 that I don't know very well, and 2 kitties are going to my sisters, so I can see them there...and spoil them! lol And the other person I work with/see on the weekends usually, so I'll be able to keep updated with those 2.
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Oh, I'm so sorry about you're feeling sad. I would feel the exact same way. You're doing the best thing - and just think of how happy you're making the people you are giving the kitties to. Still, my heart goes out to you and many {{{{{HUGS}}}}}.
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Oh my this is a hard thing to do. I used to breed my Samoyed's and always had such a hard time letting go of the puppies. I still think about many of them today. Bless you.
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Pam, I so wished you lived in Ontario! I would have definately taken the Calico and you could visit as often as you'd like!
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I couldnt imagine giving away one of my babies! I feel for you. but you can see still them. and when you go over to your sisters they will recognize you and come running to you!
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Ok, I didn't get the kitties taken to their new homes yet...as my sister had her baby last week. I'm hoping to take them to the new place this week, possibly on thursday. Joyce (the one who is taking Whiner and the calico one) wants me to take them to work with me, then her daughter can bring them home...I'm not going to do it that way. Way too long and too mean for the poor little kitties to be in a cat carrier! And it's getting to be cooler out anyways. So I'm thinking that I'll just take them to her some morning, and then my sister and I can do other stuff in town that we need to. Anyways, anyone have any tips on transporting the babies???

thanks to all those who posted and I didn't reply...Sorry.

Skykitty....yes it's too bad we lived so far away from each other! I would definetly love to come visit my babies!!!
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