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Eating Pople Yummies

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So it is really that bad that Emmett will pretty much eat anything that I will eat. Probably more (I'm a picky eater)

I give him a bowl of the dry kitten food and a big bowl of water. But if I'm eating something he is there on my lap wanting some. He is worse then a dog. His fave's are potato chips, popcorn, and now flakies. Only flavour of potato chip he won't eat is Salt and Vinigar....they make him sneeze.....

:owl: <----me & Em
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All three of my cats are beggards, especially Kramer and Ava, they will eat anything while ginger is partial to gold fish crackers
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I have to eat with one hand and block Simba with the other, especially if I'm eating fish or chicken!
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Same with Alucard and NaNa. They're a bit more calm about it. They sit there and give me the eyes or cry till I share.....spoiled lil brats....
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My cats usually don't eat people food but Tiki thinks she must sniff my food before I eat. It's like she's got to approve it before it goes in my mouth!

Just a word of warning though...please be careful when feeding your kitties people food. There are lots of things that cats can not have because they are toxic. I'll have to do a search on them & post them. It's scary!

Also, my ex fiance's parents kitty died because of human food. They gave him a small piece of steak & it got lodged in his throat. They did everything to help him, but he passed on the way to the Vets office.

I'm sorry to spoil such a cute thread, but I wanted to give you all a little warning about it. I'd hate to see that you lost one of your precious furbabes to something like this.
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