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OMG! My Little Missy DID get an infection!

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I had decided that I was going to call the vets today, and get an antibiotic, as soon as I woke up today(Missy had teeth extractions and deep tooth cleaning. Well, when I DID get up, my poor kitty was lethargic, had a temp of 103.4 and had her eyes all matted shut! I was SOOOO upset! So, I called the Vet, and they got her in within an hour. They did give her a shot of antibiotics and send home Amoxill for her. I did ask him, if he could have gotten bloodwork while she was anesthetized, and he said yes, but they would not have been "true values" due to the anesthesia. He said if she is all worked up beforehand, and they do bloodwork, the adrenalin throws almost ALL the values off! I feel like they came up short with Missy, and also, I had Spike in last week, as HE was not feeling well, had a temp. of 103.6--and NO bloodwork there, either. He did give him a shot of antibiotic, and a bottle of Amoxill and sent him home. Spike is STILL not himself. Not lethargic, but not running around and feisty like he usually is! I am thinking I really need to find a better vet around here, as I am not happy with all this...OR do you think I am being too critical of him??? Thanks for all the replies on this thread and my other thread on Missy!
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I may be stepping over the line here( Please help here hissy ) but I would get another vets opinion if you aren't satisfied with the one you have now. Right now you're worried about your babies.

Take care and let us know how thing go.
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I don't think you've crossed the line at all, graycat2! You're absolutely right. Missy&Spikesmom, if you are continually uncomfortable and unsure about your cats' treatment by this vet, go with your instincts -- it's well within your rights to get a second opinion. Most doctors understand this; getting a second opinion is practically de rigeur in the medical profession.

(DIGRESSION: Although sadly I don't think it's as common for pet owners to seek second opinions with vets -- not because they can't or shouldn't, but because for some reason many don't seek out quality help for their pets as vigorously as they would for themselves or other two-legged loved ones.)

Getting back to this situation with Missy & Spike: I can't tell if your vet isn't doing all he can for them, since IANAV. But again, if you're not confident in their treatment, you should get some referrals in your area (maybe from local shelters or animal clubs, for example). If nothing else, do it for your own peace of mind! As peaceful as your mind can be while your poor kitties are sick.

{{{{Hugs to both Missy and Spike!}}}}
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I would go to a diferend vet . It sounds to me your vet is lacking , but maybe it is just IMO . When you went with Spike in , the vet should have done some bloodwork done . If your cat is still lethargic or aphatic (sp) you need to see a vet right away , something was over looked . Please go to a diferent vet asap with both cats .
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UPDATE! I took Missy in to another Vet today, as I did end up running up there last evening to the my regular Vet, right at closing as she was lethargic, wasn't eating or drinking still, and her temp was 103.4... He gave her an IV and a shot of a different antibiotic, and Clavamox liquid drops to give her twice daily AND at my insistence, did bloodwork! He also saw Spike and gave him a shot of Lincocin Antibiotic and drops too! Today, Missy was shivering and lethargic(temp. 100--which is low for a kitty!) --STILL not eating!! So, I called the new Vet, and got her right in. They did a thorough physical on her--then called my old Vet for the bloodwork! Meanwhile, Missy's temp had come up to 101.8 which is within normal range for a kitty, and she was not shivering so much. He said her bloodwork was quite good, and that the old Vet said he did it before her IV--and it did show some dehydration. But she was not really much dehydrated today. He gave her a shot of a steroid and sent a liquid steroid home to reduce inflammation and help with any pain she was in. They were WONDERFUL--and long story short, he really felt she was on the upswing, & that the Clavamox was "kicking in". So, thanks SO much to all of you, who encouraged me to get a second opinion!!! I really thought as I was leaving to go up there, that my little Miss Missy was dying and cried ALL the way there!
I am SO relieved now, and just have to get her to actually eat and take fluids! Thanks again--you all are THE BEST!!!! ,
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I am so happy you went to a differend vet . I do hope and pray your babies will both recover from what ever it is . Bless your heart ((((HUGS))))
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I'm so glad you got a second opinion and that your babies are on the right track! Best of luck to all of you!
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Good for you! And yay! for Missy and Spike. Isn't it such a tremendous relief to feel confident and secure in your choice of caregiver? When things are scary enough because of health problems, it's good to have one less worry on your mind.
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I just read about all this and I'm so glad your babies are doing better.
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Just wanted to say, that my little Missy and Spike are BOTH feeling a LOT better today. They have their appetite back and I am thanking you all again, for insisting something else be done for them! It is SUCH a relief to see them acting their old goofy selves again!
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I am so happy that your cats doing better . Did the vet ever found out what it was ?
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I'm so glad you found a new vet. Your old one sounds like he doesn't know his head from his a**. His theory of cat stress throwing off the bloodwork completely is just plain wrong. I can't say that I've ever taken blood from a cat who wasn't stressed! I hope he won't be a jerk about faxing your new vet your cat's history.
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With Missy, the new Vet thought she got an infection from her teeth being cleaned and the teeth extractions. When the new Vet asked what antibiotic the old Vet put her on, to forestall any infection starting in the first place (as I had told him she hadn't been feeling well for awhile, before I realized that it WAS her teeth), I replied, "Nothing". He just looked at me and said, "OH!?...." So, I know the old Vet SHOULD have put her on something pre-emptively, to stop any infections from setting in! With Spike, he picked up some sort of virus, I guess, or a bacterial infection (and I have to think it is bacterial, in nature, as it IS responding to the antibiotics), rather than just working it's way through it's course.
But, I AM going to get Spikey in, quite soon, to have bloodwork done, to make SURE he is OK, as he was an abandoned kitten. I have gotten his first set of shots, but he is due for his boosters. So I am making the appt. with the NEW Vet! Thanks again!
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Geeee that is scary that the other vet forgot to give her some medication for Missy .
I am so glad you did go to a different vet and hopefully dont go back who knows what els he/she may forget to do or give the animals .

I am happy they are doing so much better .
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