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New cat, old cat... will they get along?

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Before this week, my house was a single cat household. A neighbor recently gave me her 6 month old female Maine Coon. Due to allergies, she couldn't keep it.

Problem: After a few days in isolation, meetings through screens, and various by-the-book introduction tactics, I'm not sure this is working out.

My current kitty is Mr. Fuzzy, a 2 year old male short hair, is very mellow but curious. You could do just about anything to him and he wouldn't mind. He's very interested in the new cat but she seems to hate him. Everytime he tries to approach her, she hisses and growls.

They are now chasing each other around the house almost constantly. First he follows her, then she follows him. She keeps trying to whack him with her paw but he always backs off. I'm afraid sooner or later she's going to get him and cause some harm. Her hissing and growling really has me concerned. Mr. Fuzzy doesn't make a sound... he just stares and follows her around.

Is this normal? The whole reason I took this cat was to be a friend for him. Is it possible that they will work out their differences? Currently I have to isolate the new cat at night and when I go out in order to keep my sanity.

Any help would be very much appreciated!
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Are they fixed? If not they need to be, and that will help.

Making them smell the same will help as well. You can do this by using vanilla extract on them. A small dab under their chins, between their shoulders and on the base of their tail. But if they are not fixed, get them spayed and neutered and the aggression will tone down.
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precious was 7 years old when we got patches and they got
along great! they became very very close
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I recently introduced Indiana (2 months) to Kenya (11 years) and due to my small apartment and the fact that Kenya knows how to open my bedroom door, I couldn't keep them isolated for more than... 6 hours.

Indiana is too a very curious kitten and as soon as she saw Kenya, she wanted to smell her and play with her. Originally, Kenya minded. A lot. She hissed, and a couple of times Kenya tried to whack Indiana with her paw, and there was a lot of growling. And, like your own Mr. Fuzzy, Indiana only backed a little, to start going to aproach Kenya again.

This went on for the night and part of the following day, and I started worring that it was not going to work. However, I had to leave the apartment for a couple of minutes due to my neighbours, and when I came back, Kenya was grooming Indiana and right now, only three days later, they are inseparable. Maybe what Mr. Fuzzy and the new cat need is a little bit of time. AS long as the female kitty doesn't use her claws to whack him, I wouldn't worry much.

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Thanks for your words of encouragement... I'll hang on for a few days and see what happens.

Mr. Fuzzy is neutered but Cookie (the female) has yet to be spayed. I wanted to get her comfortable before dragging her back out to the vet for that.

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Being the owner of 11 kitties, I have come up with my own way of introducing each new kitty to the family. Contrary to all the 'rules' or 'suggestions' about how this should be done, here is what I do.

Since all of my Kitties have been adopted from Orphans of the Storm animal shelther, they all have their shots and have been tested before I bring them home. when I get home with a new member, I place the carrier down in the middle of the living room and open the door.

Of course there is hissing and growling, usually by the previous members of the family. The Newbie just wants to check everything out. Surprisingly, after a couple of days, and maybe a few minor spats, everything settles down.

Just give it a little time. Pay a lot of attention to Mr. Fuzzy and make sure he feels like he has his own space and your loving. Cookie is just acting like the kitten she is. Before you know it they will be the best of buddies.
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Thanks all!

I think they are getting on a bit better today... Cookie still hisses at Mr. Fuzzy when he gets too close, but a lot less often than before. I'm getting the idea that Mr. Fuzzy is afraid of her because she always tries to smack him around when he gets near.

They chased each other around the house all night last night. Today they slept on opposite sides of the room. Hopefully soon they will cuddle up together and enjoy each other. I've got my fingers crossed. Mr. Fuzzy really needs a friend because I'm not home much.... I hope this works for him!

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