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What's Your Most Hated Nickname?

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What nickname that has been given to you - past or present - is one that you really hate?

For me, BooBoo (because my birth was an accident - nickname still exists)
and Little Lisa (when I was a kid - and there was also a Big Lisa in the neighborhood, so I guess I got the better end of the deal).
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My oldest brother used to call me Chopper it was my CB name
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When my mom wants to really tick me off, she calls me Sue Ellen. The only reason she gets away with it is that she is my mom. No one else who calls me that lives to brag about it.
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hmmm... come to think of it.. my brothers just to call me piggy which i hated..cos i was big sized and overweight...
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Sue Ellen, That's what I called you once haha you bit my head off and called me Samantha! LOL

I hate the name Floss, I mean do i look like candy , (mum calls me floss )

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Oh I have many!!!! one of my best friends calls Me Bob. don't hate it but don't like it either. My Brother calls me Soupy cause when I was little some of my family used to call me Cindy Soup. hate soupy and HATE HATE HATE Cindy Soup.
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Jenni-Lynn... argh. My friends started calling me that in the sixth grade, and it hasn't left... they say it really fast so that it kind of sounds like "adreneline"...
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My brothers and sisters still call me smelly kellye.
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I have always hated being called Kimbo....reminds me of Bimbo or Dumbo - lol... Eeeeeeew!
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I've always hated being called "Cinderella". When I was little, a man at our church called me that and, being raised to respect adults, I couldn't tell him that I didn't like it.

If Mom called me "Cynthia", I knew that I was in trouble and if it was "Cynthia Ann", it was bigger trouble. If she used all three names - I was gonna get killed!

Since Southern girls have double names, Granny always called me "Cindy Ann" and Mom was "Mary Esther".
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I have never had a nickname. It is hard to shorten Nora. My sister's name is Kathleen. People call her Kat, Kathy or Kate depending on who they are. My Dad is Finnish and he calls her Katrina. I was often jealous that they named her such a pretty name and I got stuck with Nora when I was growing up.
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Hate being called "Cindy Lou"....don't know why, I just don't like it! Really good friends can call me "Cindy Lou-Who", so I guess I'm just wishy-washy about it !
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Crusty...gotta love younger brothers!
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My name is Christine, and I just hate when anyone calls me anything other than that (well I like Sicy... ) but Christina, Chris, Chrissy... I get mad
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Let's see... well the most common one right now is "Pagan Scum" Care of one of my hardcore cristina friend... *growls*

~ Salem
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Originally posted by SalemSmith
Let's see... well the most common one right now is "Pagan Scum" Care of one of my hardcore cristina friend... *growls*

~ Salem
Wow, that isnt very nice of your friend!
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There was a time when I was the only girl in my class with boobs (it was a small school, but they *were* big boobs...) The boys called me Boom-Boom for a while, until everyone else caught up a bit.
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I was called lemon-ady, which was irritating, but I would rather be called then the have said to me in a "rocky" style voice - "Yo, Adrienne". Why did Stallone have to choose that name for his wife in the movies!v Everyone does it and it just grates on my nerves. People - it really isn't original anymore, don't say it thinking you are the 1st one to think of it.

Urgh! Enough of my rant.....sorry!
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My mom's old priest, when we were little, would come to visit, and he gave me the nickname "Shmig-doe-lessa" I don't know what it means or how to spell it, but then my family continued to call me "Shmiggy" now and then.. eww. No one's said it in years though so here's to hoping everyone forgot!
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My name is Rebecca, which is bad enough, but most people call me Becky, which I just HATE! My mother let a lazy teacher start that, now I have to go through life with a name that should have been left in the first grade.
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I'm not too crazy about being called Hopeless or Hope the dope. My dad used to tease me by calling me, Hopey Dopey. I'm not particularly fond of being called Hopester Hampster, either.
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My grandfather still calls me his "petite chouette." That's Canadian French for "tiny cabbage." It's OK when he does it, but anyone else gets their head removed and handed back to them!! I think that's it . . . I never really let anyone change my name around -- I was very touchy about it as a kid. Don't know why.
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