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Fur Mouse

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I don't understand Emmett's love for those little mice made form rabbit fur. I never bought him anything, thinking he wouldn't take to them. Then one of my friends gave him one and he loved it. So I bought him more. When I give him one her purrs and carries it around everywhere. He also brings one to me when I go to bed so I can throw it for him and he brings it back for me to throw again. This morning around 8:30am he was sleeping on my pillow so I patted him and was about to go back to sleep when there he was in my face with one of those mice. He pulled it out from between the pillows!!

Right now there are about 15 of them hiding around my apartment. He takes them so seriously on where to hide them. Just wondering if anyone else has a cat in love with those little mice.

:owl: <------me and Em
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Amber has one called Rosie Rat. she loves it. she will toss it into the air and chase after it. Shes never brought it to me or hid it though.

Maybe I should get another one or three...
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I find them everywhere. I take a blanket off the couch and 3 pop out. Its kind of crazy. When I move I know I'm going to find them all. So he'll have a bunch to hide at the new place

:owl: <-----me and Em
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Oooooooooo, yeah! There must be a hundred of them behind and under and goodness only knows where. They're almost as good as a real mouse.
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How cute.

Kuce has a mouse we call tux (a large b/w one) that she sleeps with and Sphinx has a grey one with he turns into a 'hunter' and flings around the room till he's tired.
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Update on them fur mice. I did a quick look for them just now, since my apartment is sort of emptier. I found 9. I know there are others else where. I also found my swiffer duster, which Emmett hid under the bed. Don't even get me started on his love for that thing!
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LOL!! My cats just love these mice. Saki carries his around with him everywhere and even growles when he has one in his mouth I had about 5 of them and I can only find 2 right now. My place is small so I'm like, what the heck?? This morning I found one in my bed too
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Max carries one around in his mounth and also brings it to bed. He loves when I throw it - he will pounce on it and bring it back to me. I have to hide it after a while, because he can play the catch thing for hours.
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Sicy - in the bed????

The places the mice end up are numerous. So far they haven't put them in the water dishes or the toilet *wonders if that is passable for the site - edit it if not).
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Our Dexter loves his little play mice and has lost about 4 of them already! They have a little rattle in them that he is addicted to!
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Originally posted by Nora
Max carries one around in his mounth and also brings it to bed. He loves when I throw it - he will pounce on it and bring it back to me. I have to hide it after a while, because he can play the catch thing for hours.
Em does the same thing Its so cute. He keeps one in my bed just for that I'm sure
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I take a blanket off the couch and 3 pop out.
ROTFL!! OMG, that's so cute! Em sounds like a real hoot. I don't have any of these mice yet. Is it something like these? Do the tails come off, or are they sturdy?
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Kira, those are the mice I get Matty and Suma. Matty could care less, she loves the little rubber super balls, no idea why. Suma loves the stuffed mice, I will catch ehr carrying them around the house, playing swat and chase. Well worth the value.
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Yup. Those are the ones. I find the ears pop off the ones I bought, so I keep finding little pink felt things all over the apartment. I didn't think they were a big deal until Em got one. Now its the only toy I buy for him.
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My guys LOVE those mice too. However they are kinda licky --- htye have to be the fuzzy mice that rattle. (I think they have a bead or something in them). The ones that don't rattle, Jake and Elwood could care less about! I must have about 12 of them jammed under my refrigerator!
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Well, I have several pictures in which the mouse is being "killed". Most are better images of the cats than this one, but here it's not so important that you KNOW there's a mouse ... they're tiny -- no more than acouple of inches long...
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my cats had one of these...but i ended up taking it away. They were brothers and best buddies but when that thing came onto the scene they got very possessive with it and aggressive towards each other. any other toy (non-animal) was always shared and treated more as a game.

i think anything that is made of or replicates another animal smell brings out their insticts to hunt and protect their 'kill'.
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If you do buy these mice, make sure they are made in America. The sad fact about some of these from overseas, are that animals could have died in order to make them. Same goes for the rawhide sticks you buy for dogs, if they are made overseas, don't purchase them.
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