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diet pops are too nasty - they leave a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. I even tried the diet dr. pepper because they claim it tastes similar. I dont care what anyone says -- diet is diet.
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I like both Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper. I used to drink sugar soda, but once I got used to diet the regular tastes way too sweet.
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I ran a poll last time and Coke came out on top!

Coke is the ONLY drink for me.
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I would choose neither, cause I usually drink juice, milk or ice tea. But at social gatherings, I usually go with Sprite which I believe is a LCoca Cola product, and I'd drink Coke over pepsi.
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Yeah! I'm so glad Coke is winning out. I love Coca-Cola. It is the only thing I ever drink.
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Does Diet Coke count? I LOVE!!! Diet coke. So addictive....except the gut rot and the hurting of the teeth if you drink too much :jarswim:
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Mountain Dew daily! you know ah breakfast!!
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Originally posted by Kittywarden
Mountain Dew daily! you know ah breakfast!!
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coke coke coke!

the sun will always shine, the birds will always sing, whenever there is thirst there is always the real thing...
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Coke all the way! It's inherited, both parents drank coke.. Except my twin drinks Mountain Dew.. Hmmm
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I'm a Pepsi fan, but not Regular or Diet Pepsi.... Pepsi MAX!!!! Although I am partial to Diet Coke Vanilla... it's only been out for about 6 months here and I'm kinda addicted!!! Pepsi should bring out Pepsi MAX Vanilla..... I'd never drink anything else!
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Wooohooo!!! Go Coke!!!
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I haven't had a cold coke in 4 days *sigh*

Yeah I'm so happy coke is winning.
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I don't drink much soda, but when I do it's COKE!!!
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If i'm drinking it by itself - pepsi.. if it has rum.. then i prefer COKE or diet COKE!
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Can I have water?
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Diet Pepsi is the best. It's all I drink. I hate Coke!!
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