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Coke or Pepsi?

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Do you prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

I personally choose Coke - since birth.
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I like Pepsi. it is not as harsh and the taste is slightly sweeter.

But it depends also on whether it comes from the fountain or not. fountain soda is soooo much better than the can. Now if it does come from the fountain I will take either coke or pepsi, I like both that way.
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Well,Actually I'm a Mountain Dew nut,but if you are gonna make me choose between Coke or Pepsi,I choose pepsi.
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I will drink pepsi, pepsi twist,wildcherry pepsi,mountain dew,and code red. not to thrilled about vanilla pepsi.
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neither - im a Dr.Pepper gal
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I'm a party pooper. Neither. I find most soft drinks too sweet.
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I prefer Coke, but if Pepsi is on sale then Pepsi it is!
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Guess I ama party pooper too. I really don't drink either too much. I like Root Beer and tea.

If I had to choose then it might be Pepsi and Cherry Coke-Cola. Ugh.
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Used to strongly prefer the mellower & sweeter taste of Pepsi, but now I like both. Although sometimes I look for ginger ale first.

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Pepsi! Pepsi! Pepsi! Coke just doesn't give me that little extra boost that Pepsi does
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Coke from the fountain and only if it's formulated correctly. I actually make note of the restaurants locally that seem to have their fountain coke formulated correctly and then patronize those establishments. However if I'm drinking from the can then mountain dew all the way.
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Dr Pepper or juice... but Coke if I have to...
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COKE!!! I hate Pepsi and it makes me so mad when I am at a restaurant or whatever and I ask for a Coke and they bring me Pepsi. I am a coke fiend, its my most favorite drink in the world!
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definately Pepsi!!
The worst of the lot is diet coke....urgh, really can't drink the stuff
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Diet Coke for me...Pepsi Diet is much to sweet and sickly.
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Pepsi all the way. Caffiene Free if I can find it.

I started out on Coke as a kid but my husband would only drink Pepsi and I got switched and can't stand Coke. I especially don't like fountain drinks.
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We already ran a poll on this. My vote is Vanilla Pepsi, this coming from a former coke fan but uh, I like the Vanilla Pepsi very much! Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi!
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Hmmm . . . I HATE carbonated drinks. But, since I live in Atlanta, gotta vote for Coke!!
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don't drink soda very often, but when i do, it's a Coke or Dr. Pepper... but i ESPECIALLY love Dr. Slice.
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We've had a poll like this several times since I joined and each time I hope Pepsi gets a little closer to beating Coke. It's looking pretty close now!

Diep Pepsi dependant and proud!
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Diet Pepsi for me, can't stand all the sugar after-taste in regular pop.
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Just some Pepsi Trivia! In 1934 Pepsi came out with a 12 oz bottle that sold for .05c The competetion was selling a 6 oz bottle for the same price.

Boy I wish it was still like that!

This one is interesting:
In support of America's war effort, Pepsi changes the color of its bottle crowns to red, white and blue. A Pepsi canteen in Times Square, New York, operates throughout the war, enabling more than a million families to record messages for armed services personnel overseas.
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Another party pooper here....I prefer water, tea or juice!
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I prefer Diet Coke. The regular is too sweet for me.
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coke coke coke coke.

Pepsi is too sweet. I like the rawness of coke. I want to strip the layers off my stomach lining.
Adds protien to the diet ya know.

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Pepsi. I like the caffene free, but it is not the diet one. I think Coke tastes too flat.
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