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Not Sure If I'm Asking In Right Spot..

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What i'm wondering is this: Can 2 cats be from the same litter and one be medium haired,the other short haired,both have diff color eyes and be a diff size? Yes i'm talking about Fluffy and Socks.
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Well, I know that with some of the litters of the wild little kitties that live on the edge of our town (the ones we catch, spay or neuter, and if they aren't too feral, they find homes for them), that there are such a variety of sizes, colors and fur lengths in the same litters, that it is amazing!! The one litter that I am thinking of right now, has one tiger with white paws(small stature), an orange and white who is husky and is going to be very big and is a shorthair cat. A charcoal gray and white with long fur and small stature. And a orange and white tiger stripe who is very petite and has short hair.... ALL the same Mama too! She is a "Tortie" and has brown, black fur mostly, and has white mitten paws, and is herself, a petite cat... So, yes, I do think they can be all sizes and colors in the one litter!
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Our Cindy and Fawn are from the same litter: a Tortie with golden lantern eyes and a fawn coloured babe, with vestiges of points, some tabby markings and aquamarine eyes. Their personalities are like night and day, too. All of which is to say, yes, I'm sure those differences you cite are possible in one litter. Except in controlled circumstances, such as breeding, Mama Cat has usually mated more than once, often several times, so for one litter there are several Dads, hence a variety of genetic material.
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Yes!!! they can be all shapes sizes and colors. A very petite calicoish stray that I took in had kittens and one is a female grey 'tortie'and tiny, another a female hymilayan(sp?) look-alike which is long and lean and huge(beautiful cat), and the last a male white tiger look alike!! Go figure... I've heard somewhere that if the queen mates with several males during her estrus cycle, each kitten could hypothetically, get sperm from a different tom, therefore explaining the wild varieties,(especially in ferals and outdoor cats). I'm not sure of the authinticity of this statement, but it makes sence.
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