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Can I still use this Clavamox??

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My 3 month old kitty was prescribed Clavamox antibiotic 9 days ago for a kitty cold.  Once we got home, I did a bit more research and since he was acting perfectly normal and had no signs of secondary infections (he was just a bit sneezy with ever-so-slightly watery eyes) I decided to wait on the abx because I wasn't sure they were necessary.  Well, he's more sneezy now and his eyes are looking pinkish today and I just noticed a tiny bit of yellowish discharge from his eyes.  So...I went to go get the Clavamox from the fridge and noticed it says to discard any unused portions after 10 days.  The med was reconstituted 9 days ago at the vet's office and has been in my fridge since.  It has never been given to my kitten, and I have not opened it (although it was obviously opened at the vet's).  Do I need to get a new rx and discard the old one?  Or since it has never been used, is it still okay to use for the next 7 days?  Any advice appreciated!!!  Thanks!

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Sorry your cat isn't feel well.

The bottle of liquid Clavamox from the vet (bubblegum flavored) had a fairly long expiration date on it, almost one year.  Which surprised me because other liquid prescription medicines (like Prozac--flavored with tuna/chicken) had a 30 day expiration date.

I'd call the vet for clarification as to what the label says:  10 days is a normal course of treatment with antibiotics.  It *may* be that your vet wanted you to dose your cat for only ten days, and if you had any medicine remaining, throw it away because it's not needed (versus, no longer effective).

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I'm sorry your kitty is not feeling well.

I think the point is, that with the Clavamox it is only good for 10 days once it is mixed, as it will spoil after that time.

I have used Clavamox many times and I have noticed that after 10 days it begins to change color, not good.

So, I think that your vet will recommend that you start with a fresh bottle.  Maybe they will give you credit for the other bottle, as it was unused.

Also, even after a fresh bottle is mixed, it must be shaken with vigor every day or it will separate.


All The Best To You And Your Kitty,


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Once the medicine is mixed it is good for only 14 days. Throw it out call the vet and tell them you didn't use it and need a new prescription.
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Hi otto,


My bottle of Clavamox stated that the left over medicine should be discarded after 10 days.

My prescription stated that 1ml twice a day was the amount to be administered.

With that dosage the contents of the bottle would be gone in 7 days.



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I was supposed to give my 5 pound cat Clavamox every 12 hours but the dosage instructions were smeared and it looked like every 24 hours which I did.  My cat appears to be feeling back to normal with no symptoms of being ill.  I am embarrassed to ask my vet if my mistake has caused my cat to not get as well as she should.  Does anyone know if once a day is adequate?  Obviously by giving it just once a day, she received the medicine for twice as many days as she would have if I gave it to her twice a day.  Thank you.

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