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Baby thread

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I've seen crazy cat lover's thread about baby sierra and angel22's sister giving birth... makes me feel really good... my own girl friend is getting married and she's pregnant too.. I went shopping for her baby stuff just last saturday since there was a crazy sale in town and boy, there were so much stuff we needed to get... so much stuff which I have never seen in my life.. a whole lot of questions came into my mind... at how many mths do they need to stop sucking on the pacifier, what kind of milk bottles to get and diapers and all...my god!!!!!!!!! There's a whole lot of stuff...there's maternity dresses to consider.. home wear and office wear... pure cotton or other materials... oh dear.... i was so overwhelmed by everything!! A whole new experience for me...baby stuff here are really expensive and I nearly went broke trying to get stuff for my friend... oh well, this kid is gonna be my godchild.... i'll try to get some pics once he/she is born.. i bet he/she is gonna be as sweet as baby sierra...
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Pacifiers, depends on the child, they can suck on it till they are 4 LOL!

Here are a few sites that I liked when I was preggers:

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Both of my sons spit out their pacifiers, at about 6 months old and the twins won't use them.

A friend of my mom's gave me a set of Playtex nursers and I used those for both boys. Had to buy new nipples, periodically.

As for maternity clothes, I did mix-and-match: two skirts, three pairs of pants and six or seven tops, that went with all of them. My grandmother bought me one nice dress and a pantsuit, too. Thrift shops were great. I found a pair of burgundy velvet pants and a matching flowered dashiki, to go out dancing in.

My biggest expense was bras. I went from a 34B, to a 38D within 2 months. Mom and Granny came through again.
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Oh, my . . . just READING this makes me feel overwhelmed!! Why can't it be the men who have the kids? They have it so easy. *sigh* And this from a woman who is getting married in less than nine months to a man who wants LOTS of kids! AAAH!!
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P.S. -- Yes, I know . . . it's not that bad . . . that's what everyone tells me . . . but seriously, I think being pregnant is what frightens me most! In the whole entire world!! Like, given pregnancy or being locked up with some crazy chainsaw killer (who has his chainsaw with him) . . . tough choice. Any words of wisdom that will magically make me feel better about it? Please? This has really been bothering me lately, with my wedding coming up, 'cuz a couple years after that comes kids!!

P.P.S. -- I don't mean I think pregnancy is a bad thing, I really admire anyone who has had kids. I'm just scared to death of it.
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Wellll. Um. Not everyone gets morning sickness, and if you don't have it the first few months are a breeze. Actually there are ways around morning sickness so it's not so bad and the first few months are STILL a breeze. The 2nd trimester is the "golden" period for most everyone, morning sickness is gone if you had it at all, and you don't feel huge yet. The 3rd trimester...well, yes you're going to be big, BUT people spoil you. People don't want you to carry anything yourself, walk too far etc etc. I had total strangers offer to carry my groceries!!
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Cotton maternity wear!!! Don't go gonzo on the baby stuff until the baby is here. Until then you won't know what pacifier she's going to like(if any!), what nipple type, what size clothes to get, or even whether to get stuff for a boy or girl.
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