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Tigger, Scooter and Gizmo are on Clavamox for an upper respiratory infection. Today will be the 3rd day they are on it (the take it for 7 days), and I've noticed they are already improving.... no runny eyes, sneezing or runny noses.

Fluffy has runny eyes, clear but when it runs there is a dot or two of yellow discharge, but not pussy-like. I noticed she she sounds stuffy, too. So, I gave her .75 cc's, like Gizmo is taking of the Clavamox. Was this the right thing to do? I can't get to the vet until I am off from work, which is on Wednesday. Does this sound like an upper respiratory infection. For the meantime, I am not letting the others come in contact with her..... it is just her and Cinnamon, and Cinammon doesn't seem to have anything wrong with her.

For her eyes, what else can I do? Will rinsing her face with water help?
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Any news Tigger? Just noticed your post. What did the vet say?
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No, I forgot to call the vet...... Fluffy's eyes are red, but no yellowish discharge. I am thinking that instead of an URI, she might have something wrong with her eyes? They both are watering, one not as bad. If not better on Wednesday, I will definitely take her in.

My husband has noticed Scooter still sneezing even while on the antibiotics..... are kittens, especially so young, hard to treat? He is only getting about .2 cc's of Clavamox.... barely enough to squirt into his mouth He acts just fine: eats healthy, plays, goes to the potty normally. No acting sick in anyway. Maybe it is something in the air? Tigger is a lot better, too.

I didn't have Scooter tested for FIV/Felv+, because he came from the same parents as Gizmo did.....
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I wouldn't wait with an eye problem. Better take her to the vet ASAP - better safe than sorry...
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I agree with Anne- take them to the vet. Good luck!
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I made an appointment for Fluffy.... she goes on Thursday afternoon. She is not going to like going. Out of our cats, she is the one to most likely get stressed out
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