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Feline Pine

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I was having a hard time finding the right litter for Emmett. I've been though a lot. I find with the clumping litter I have to sweep the bathroom at least twice a day, especially right before I shower (unless I want it all stuck to my feet when I get out)

Then I tired Feline Pine. I liked it. Emmett took well to it. If you haven't heard of it, its made of pine and it looks like rabbit food. The pee just makes the pettets turn to sawdust, which is nice, and you just flush the poo down the toilet. Now I liked the Feline pine for the no tracking, and easy clean up. But I had this feeling Emmett didn't care for it too much, but he used it anyway. I ran out of it and today had to buy some regular clumping cat litter. The second I filled his box he was in there scratching around happy as a clam. I've already had to sweep once today

But Emmett is happy with it, and when I move the cat little will be in the basement so it won't be so bad. I'm thinking of sticking with the clumping kind.

If you have any suggestions let me know.

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We've been using Feline Pine in Osiris' (kitten) litter box and I am impressed with its odor fighting abilities! It works better than non-clumping clay litter by a long shot, and he seems to like it fine. When he is older, we'll switch him to the clumping clay litterboxes that the adult cats use, but for now, this is safe for him, no-mess and pretty much odor-free.
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I have Swheat Scoops right now but I also bought a bag of Feline Pine at hubby's insistence (cheaper). The one thing I am worried about is the sawdust part. I dont have it in her litterbox right now - the bag is still unopened. I am worried about sawdust getting everywhere! eventually they will step in it and track it. and maybe lick it off a paw or two. I would personally rather have visible lumps to vacuum than dust. I dont know, I still have to try it and then I will see.
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It doesn't track! We have an XL hooded catbox and dump the whole bag of Feline Pine in there, it lasts about a week to a week and a half, scooped twice daily. When you're done scooping each time, give it a good stir and the sawdust goes to the bottom.
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I've tried Sweet Scoop. I find it does nothing for odor control. I did like the fact I could flush the lumps down the toilet. The only time you get the saw dust is when it needs changing. After you scoop out the poo you just shift the litter box to put the saw dust to the bottom. I really liked the stuff, but I gotta use what the cat likes. I might try some other things, perhaps we'll find a happy middle.

:owl: <----- me and Em
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I use Feline Pine too but not by itself. I use it alongside the store brand clay litter for Kuce which she seems to like it that way. Sure helps with the odor.

As for Sphinx, he gets a little bit of Feline Pine in the Scooping litter. I'm just trying to find a litter that is dust-free and doesn't track on the floors. I heard some people use rabbit pellets.
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I think we are asking for too much when asking for a litter that doesn't track, don't smell bad, and both you and your cat will like. Maybe in the future we'll see this. Since Em really like the clumping scented litter, I'm looking to get a good litter box that will work with the clumping litter. Any suggestions for that? I've been on the Petsmart web page checking out what they have for my next trip to Barrie (the closest Petsmart to me)

:owl: <---me & Em
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