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Does anyone have a Bissell Vaccuum?

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Since I'll be moving, I really needed to buy a vaccuum cleaner. I bought a Bissel Clean View Bagless. Anyone have one like it or heard good/bad things about it?

I'm happy that I won't have to change those nasty bags, but I don't know how great it will be for picking up cat hair. It better do good...it was $98! For some that may not be alot of money, but to me that's a whole lot for a vaccuum.

Here's a link about my new dirt suckerhttp://www.bissell.com/Products/prod...ationPowerTrak
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Looks like the link isn't working for me...technical issues. Just an FYI for ya'll.

Edit: *up & running now*
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I have one of those, its not too great. On the carpet its not so bad but it doesnt have much power for the hose and attachments. The one good thing about it is you dont have to buy replacement filters. You can take all the filters out and wash them. I had a dirt devil before and it took cartridge filters that were very expensive. I have alot of animals though so I vacuum everyday. It will probably do fine for carpet and a couple of cats to vacuum up after. I do like the not buying bags and filters for it.
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Thanks for you opinion! I've never owned a Bissell before (had a Dirt Devil & hated it...and had a Hoover but it's so-so). Since I've got 2 cats, I probably won't have as much animal hair to deal with as I do here. Mom & Dad have a long haired dog, Bud (their cat) & my two Echo and Tiki. So that's quite a bit of hair to deal with since there are 4 animals. I'm hoping it goes good...if not I'll be returning it to buy a better one!

Thanks again!
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I do like it better than my old dirt devil and I paid alot more for the dirt devil than the Bissel. Its not as heavy either. I'm sure it will do fine for you. I have alot of cats and I go through about a vacuum cleaner every year or so.
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