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Meow and Mousers

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Meow. My name is Shadow. With my brother Graycie I hacked into Meowmmy's computer and joined. We hope to meet you all.

Shadow and Graycie
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lol. welcome to the internet home of cat lovers!
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We love to see pictures of cats and get to know the owner.
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Welcome to this site
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Welcome to the site!!
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Meow. I thinkthis is one of the best pictures of me since I was a wee kit.

My brother Graycie will post after.

Meows ad Mousers
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Meow Meow Meow. I love Christmas don't you?
Well, Shadow the big ..... opps wonderful sister of mine wanted me to use a different picture then this one bt I love Christmas so much that I had to let you see me opening my stocking.

Meows to all
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Welcome to TCS Shadow and Graycie. What beautiful pics of you two.

Sphinx and Kuce meow their hello's.
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Welcome Shadow and Graycie! Hope you don't get in trouble hacking into your mom's computer. Nice pics!
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Meows to all, Meowmy found out about this and was quite displeased with us for not mentioning the Four Musketeers. Pretty soon they are going to become barn cats at a friend of meowmy's farm. The humans will miss the little tykes but I'll be glad when they are gone(sniff sniff).
There names are Frosta, Blaze, Fluffy and Houdina.

Meows, Shadow and Graycie

P.s these first three are l-r Fluffy, Houdina & Blaze oh yah I was told to tell you that meowmy's name is Alicia and she has had other felines since she was a baby and had a particular male siamese who wouldn't leave her side. He has since passed over the Rainbow but Meowmie still misses him.
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Welcome to TCS! We love meeting kitty owners as well!

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And this is Frosta
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Welcome! Very pretty kitties!

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Welcome to TCS! Hope you like it! Such adorable kitties!
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Hello and Welcome from Northern Ontario! Where abouts in Canada are you kitkatz? Love the pics of your furbabies, looking forward to getting to know you and your furclan!
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Hi Welcome to TCS! Love your purrbabies
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Thank you for all the wonderful welcomes. I think we will be very happy here.

Shadow and Graycie, Frosta, Blaze, Fluffy & Houdina and Alicia
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Hi Shadow and Graycie
Welcome! Cute pictures of you two and the Four Musketeers. Too bad they are leaving. Hope you enjoy your stay here, but don't go ordering any kitty goodies online. You probably don't have a credit card anyways, lol.

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