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Advice needed for a friend

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A friend of mine on my home board posted this.. I want to help her but I'm not sure what she should do. Maybe you guys could offer some advice. I had to edit out the bad words lol

I am so mad I could spit nails! Why do people have to be such *****? There's this ******** abrasive drunk ***** with a mullet that lives across the street from me, and I've never liked him. I think he's killed a couple of my cats that came up missing and some other people's too, but he lies and goes 'nobody around here does that' in his stupid drawly accent. Well today he yelled at me and told me if he saw 'my' cats running around his yard he was going to 'do sumthun' to them! I told him they weren't all mine (it's the strays I think he means) but he said if I fed them and they hung around my house they were mine! They are everyone's, lots of us feed them! I will have them for a day or two straight then not see them for a week or more sometimes. He is drinking buddies with my neighbhor's husband and he never minds their cats even if they lay all over his car! He's such a ****! I'm thinking about asking them to say something to him, those strays are not hurting anything at all, they just need someone to be nice to them. If he'd fix the damn ugly holes all over the bottom of his house nothing could get in there. The possums do much more damage around here than any cat, and I'd rather have all the dogs and cats running loose than that one drunk ******* with his frizzy afro mullet and gut hanging out with no shirt! Some people can't get the best of their boss or their wife so they have to take it out on defenseless animals. I tell you I don't like it when he has drunken hick parties in his hot tub out in his yard with other shirtless drunk mullet ******* getting all loud going 'whooo' so I don't want his @$$ around either! Can't neighbors just tolerate each other? Damn I wish I lived in the country! Now what can I do? My 2 who go outside literally climb the walls and cry if they are not let out but then I can't control where they go every minute! I'm also worried about those poor strays. What can I do?

She's pretty mad.. So I suggested she take her cats out supervised on leashes, but I dont know if she'll go for that. I also told her to call animal control or the police to complain about him, but she has no proof.

God what is wrong with people??
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Can she report him to the SPCA?
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Public drunkeness is a crime in most areas. If he is renting she could get in touch with the owner. If he isn't keeping the place up he could be evicted.
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