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hissy and/or other moderators,

I don't know what methodology boardreader.com uses, but search engines such as altavista.com have automated programs ("spiders") which comb the internet ("crawling") to fill up their databases. There was a way to set up your website to ask the spiders to skip over it - there may be a way to keep these forums from being crawled by another site.

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Hey,Hey,Hey you guys!

Anyone can just come to thecatsite.com and where someone has posted just click "search" and all the posts they have ever made come up- When I'm really bored, I will go to a user i'm good friends with and just read through their posts, for some of the members who have been here awhile it's good to know what this site has been through, I typed in WellingtonCats and it came up with about 3 or 4 pages of my posts from awhile ago.. strange!

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WoW--That IS pretty weird, to be able to key in a "username" and pull up any posts from the w.w.w.!! There certainly IS no privacy within the confines of any particular posting board!!
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If you have online Journals ppl can read these too!!
Thank God i deleted mine months ago
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LOL they don't have any of mine, except my name in an answer to one of my post. Guess I'm the hidden poster.
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I bookmarked this site
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It had lots of Erickas, but I had to search for TTMom to find anything by me.
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That's creepy! It only brought up 7 of mine, though, and we all know I've posted more than that! Still . . . very strange.
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Originally posted by chelle
im just wondering if this is illegal or not to have that
site up
I don't believe it is illegal and in fact I think it is meant to be a tool for forum users to search for helpful information already posted. From my understanding, most, if not all, sites sign up for this service. Another board I was on participated in that a couple of years ago and the site owner withdrew the sites name after members protested. At first I forgot about that but then again, I'm getting old!

Everyone should always keep in mind that this is a public forum. And you don't have to be a member of thecatsite.com to read what we post. I guess I'd be more concerned if it was a forum for rape survivors or something similar. A good rule is to never include your address, phone number or other personal information directly on the boards. Once you post it... it's there for the world to see. If you want someone to have any of your information for whatever reason, use email.
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Well, at least I'm not the only "jcat" out there, and also not the only one writing posts about cats. It's good to know that such a site exists, though.
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That was weird! There is another momofmany that posts within a health board for people with twins or multiple births.
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Everything that you post in a public message board, can be searched using every single search engine. It is not illegal. Just be careful what you post, and don't say anything that could eventually come back and haunt you. My sister has done that many times...
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