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Be Careful What You Post

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i just found out about this site today. i thought you guys should know about it. if you go here and type in any user names you use it will bring up what youve said and where...


Talk about eerie
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OMG I just checked it out .....

Now every body can read all my misspelling I do hope they have fun
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That is really quite scary, although, honestly if you post to a public board, it really is out there for all of the public to see. Besides, they only have 287 of my posts, out of 8500+.
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Oh no fair! I just searched for the name that I know hubby posts as...and it didn't come up with much of anything! Except that the name he goes by can also apparently be used in some kind of programming language...
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when i checked mine - several "chelle" came up and i know
not all of them are me because some of those sights i
have never been too - still it's eerie
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Huh, they don't have any of mine, the ones that are listed are not this KittenKrazy,I didn't visit any of the sites posted with that username !
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Why are the search results in Italian?
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They must know you're Italian Sicy! Mine were in English.
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omg that is weird!! It actually brought up Italian message boards. I guess there is another Sicy out there
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I think this is horrible. I know this isn't a private area on the 'net, but many personal things are posted here. I wonder if the owner of this board can ask to have the Cat Site message boards removed from their database?
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I agree - i think it's an invasion of privacy but it's
still neat to see what you posted
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Yikes, thats freaky!
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Wow that is sort of disturbing. But It only actually had 11 posts I've made on the internet and 10 of them were from this site. All were from between June 23rd and August 24th. It looks like message board have to sign up for this??
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I found mine and I do not like it!No wonder I get all kinds of spam!
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I checked this out & there are over 20,000 posts listed. I've looked through the first 30 pages worth & haven't found a single one of my own. Weird, huh?
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OK..I take it back. I found one so far & that was with the advanced search.

That is freaky though!
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That's just one more reason to never publicize your email address or phone number online. Just remember it's public!
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Oooooooooo...Creepy! I found posts in there that I forgot I posted! It's not that accurate though, coz' I post on other boards with the same user name and none of those were revealed, just thecatsite ones were there... still weird, though..
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You can rest assured that no one affliliated with thecatsite would knowingly sign up for this.
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it is weird, for me it just brings up when ever anyone typed princesspurr :p
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I noticed that too Val. It's not actually what I posted, but if someone called me by name in their post it showed up. Very strange!

MA, thanks for the heads up on that. Glad to hear that no one from TCS did any thing wrong.
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I never ever would think that TCS has any thing to do with that .
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i looked for mine and several came up but it was a different dougbug, that is weird though, oh well its the internet
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It's kinda neat yet anyone can check on someone elses user
name and see what they posted
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That is way too wierd. I checked and had found only one (at this time) of my posts.

My other handle show only three and they were what someone responded back to.

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im just wondering if this is illegal or not to have that
site up
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Curiousity got the better of me and I had to check this out....'superkitty' seems a very common and popular handle, posts on Nissans (LOL) and one even mentioned cats! Some of my posts did come up, I've only ever posted on TCS, so that was interesting to see. At least the few pages I waded through had no smut on it, so it seems that other 'superkitty' thankfully are clean.

Can't see that it's illegal. Posts are public, and TCS people aren't the only ones reading this stuff. Guests/lurkers are on all the time scanning the posts, and often find cat questions answered without having to register.
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None of my posts from TCS were on there but I had tons of posts from another forum I frequent. All the posts on there were actually mine, but I guess the user name Uabassoon isn't common.
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I checked as well, just using the name of one of my cats, and it only pulled up some of my posts from this site, not others. Was this site submitted to them?? They imply that that is how it works.

Although on the other hand, if someone linked a message from here on another board, and that board was registered, those may be the urls it is picking up.
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Wow, that is freaky. It only has about 48 of mine listed though oddly enough.
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