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newborn kittens

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hi again. my cat is in labor right now and she gave birth to the first kitten. i saw its abdomen moving but now it stops. plz would anyone tell me if it's normal for a newborn kitten to be motionkess or it's dead?please anyone. my cat is still giving birth and it's 2:30 am in my country and i'm awake and helping her. and plz i can't rely on any vet at this moment.
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Did mom clean her up and disconnect cord? If not you need to.
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yes he did :'( the kitten is dead. and i stayed up all night with her. her belly still round but.nothing coming out from her. Again.i can't rely on the vet here where i live. i'm confused. is she taking a rest? or tjat's it she carried one kitten only?.
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she may take a rest. Or even, deliver next kittens in a couple of days, or anything between.

If she seems ok, no pains, calm, resting - observe but dont woorry too much.


If visibly in any sort of distress - try to get a vet....


Good luck!

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such  still kittens you can sometimes try to pet alive by massaging them and giving them extra warmth.

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she's really calm and she's laying right next to me. there is no signs of blood on her uterus or any liquid. she's not eating anything. my cat is siamese and everybody knows that siamese talk alot but she's quite and when i ask her what's wrong she put her head on my lap and close her eyes
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How did the kitten look?  Was it a normal kitten, full fur, healthy by the looks, delivered in time,

or was it almost without fur, skinny, visibly premature?


Did the placenta come out too?


Prematures have very easy to die, even if they are born alive and the owner tries to help.   IF it was premature, there is chance  she has more kittens, who will be deliver healthy in proper time, several days later.


You tell she does not eats.  When did she eat the last time?  And when she did drank water?

Continue to observe her, till you are sure she is entirely OK.


Good luck!

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well the kitten was gorgeous :'( i can't forget how furry and white she was and she had pink nose and paws. my cat ate yesterday at noon. when i got home in tge evening she was so excited and mmeowing all the time. her nipples were swalloing. I felt her belly now and her nipples. her belly looks smoother than yesterday but her nipple looks like it's full with milk... I don't know. she still sleeping but feeling really sad. she's not purring at all. She got pregnant the 1st of May so i guess it's not early for her to deliver her kittens.
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Originally Posted by spinney View Post

 She got pregnant the 1st of May so i guess it's not early for her to deliver her kittens.

Not too early, so not premature, but still rather short, in the lower segment.  I would recommend two days more if possible, so to speak.


So she is a little down the weather? Lets hope it is because she is mourning, not because there is some problem  (save the nipples full of milk, of course which of course do bother her).


IF you think she is done, and "just mourning", you can try to get her foster kittens, if you wish so.  Contact vets around if there are some kittens who got motherless, or a very big litter, or some mom who had to get surgery... I presume she could also have a puppy or two of small dog breeds.

You can also try and contact shelters nearby.


Be sure the kittens are healthy, you dont want to get on her some nasty contagion which caused their mom died of it...


Perhaps best you do contact your vet and discuss, both errands at the same time.  He may perhaps even check her up for free, as a candidate for helping  others?


Good luck!

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