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Redirected Aggression - help

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I need advice:
Today I talked to a woman who wanted to donate some money to help our shelter prepare for the rain and winds. I asked her, of course, if she ever visited the shelter - and she sadly said she can't. I felt bad and asked her why - and she explained that her cat already attacked her, severly, twice, when she came home smelling like other cats. Both times she ended up in the hospital.
She loves this cat to death, and would never give him away if she doesn't have to, but now she feels horrible.
I read the thread about how to deal with cat aggression, and the only thing that was written about that problem, that is called -"Redirected Aggression" - is to keep the cat away from other smells.

Is there any other way to deal with the problem?
This is such a kind, good hearted woman, and I wish there was some good advice I could ive ehr, and most of all - I wish she could come to visit the shelter, without risking losing an eye...

Any ideas?
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I think the problem you have in your country is not one we share in the United States. In talking with Anne, I find that the ferals in your country are sometimes twice if not three-times as fierce as our worst ones are. Anne says that even scruffing a feral may land you in a hospital, and even Rivi recommends that people who are adopting ferals (not in the shelter) just feed them outside in a hands off policy.

About the only thing I can offer since learning about the nature of your cats, is that she try some sort of scent that the cats are used to like her perfume perhaps, and reapply it to herself before going home. But honestly, in this case, perhaps it's best she just stay home- can she visit you online perhaps? Do you have a webcam set up where people can see the cats?
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wow, thats very interesting, I had no idea. I did know that ferals here can be VERY aggressive, but I thought it was the same everywhere.. but Ic an't blame them, they suffer here immensly.

Im afraid we do not have any sirt of web cam there.. we dont even have the power generator anymore, after that cruel break in.

What kind of a scent can she try before going back home to her fierce cat?
what she does now, is squirting water at him, and rushes to the shower, to quickly get any scent of her. I just think its horrible living in fear like that... and I fear that one day she won't eb able to take it anymore, and definietl not raise kids around such a cat. Its so sad...

Thanks for educating me further! its funny how our conflict in the area affacts even the cat, ha... wow.
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I was a bit surprised as well, but then our cats are not nearly as persecuted as yours are. Not as a general rule, ours are more or less singled out to be tormented by sick people in the society, whereas yours are sometimes tormented in large groups.

I would say she either stays out of the shelter, or she uses her perfume heavily on herself before opening the door. I can imagine how conflicted her cats must feel when she opens up the door and smells like countless other ferals.
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I understand. Perfume might be a good idea (she only has one domestic cat). I will suggest it to her...
As usual, Hissy, you've been very helpful, thank you!
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