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I don't mind the colder temperatures. I rather be cold than too hot. I can't imagine a green Christmas. I would rather the snow wait until Thanksgiving though. Also, I have a lot more fall/winter clothes than spring/summer clothes and fall/winter clothes are much more comfortable than summer clothes.
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Nora , I used to have in Germany a lot more clothes for the colder seasons . Now I have more for the sumer I don't know , but I think sumer clothes are lighter to wear then the heavy fall and winter ones . I also wear open shoes the hole sumer long , it will be hard for me to get back in to the sneakers
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Originally posted by katl8e
Yuck! Snow! When I got home from work, it was 102. We have a wonderful place, to keep the snow, here - it is 30 miles away, on top of the Catalina Mountains. It looks really pretty, sitting up there. On the rare occasions, that we get snow in the valley, its usually gone by noon.

BTW: Mt. Lemmon's Ski Valley is the southernmost ski area, in the United States.
I've taken the chair lift at Mt. Lemmon more than once! I love the Catalina's (and the Rincon's and the Tucson's for that matter). Mom's house faced north and had a clear view of the Catalinas. I loved the red color that the Rincon's took on at sunset, and loved the sunsets at Gate's Pass. *sigh* I miss Tucson!!

How is Winter Haven doing after the fire - is there anything left of it?
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
Originally posted by adymarie

I'm one of those poor foreigners...with a dumb question.
Exactly where is Port Cunnington???? Is it way up in the northern part of Canada somewhere????

Nora, you must live in northern Michigan...right?????

It's only October 1st, don't you guys think it's way too early for snow?

Actually it isn't too far north....I believe it is just a little higher then middle of Ontario. I was just joking with the far enough North for Santa business.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
snow brrrrrrrrr

How about a pic , I never get to see any here in Ga.
Originally posted by JellybellyYAH!! Pictures!!
This is the only picture that I took so far....still trying to capture the fall colours, so when we get lots of snow BEWARE I will have a ton of them!
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I like snow but it is too early for it. Most of the leaves on the trees are still green.
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How is Winter Haven doing after the fire - is there anything left of it?

Not much left of Summerhaven. The lodge and most of the businesses are gone. The only thing open is the cafe. Ski Valley wasn't touched, so the Iron Door Restaurant is open.

Bill was up there, Tuesday and he said that the fire hopscotched. We're going to drive up, Thanksgiving weekend. There won't be any snow and it won't be too cold.
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katl8de, The fire you're referring to is in British Columbia which is 4 provinces West from me. I am situated among the Great Lakes. If you know where Toronto, Ontario is then I am 4 hours North of Toronto. I live in Northern Ontario, by Algonquin Park.

I do hope that this clears things up for everyone!
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Thanks for the picture . I have to say , on christmas I miss snow
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Thanks for the picture . I have to say , on christmas I miss snow
You're quite welcome but like I said in that reply....BEWARE as I take lots of winter pics and when that time comes I will refer everyone to my unfinished website, but hey....at least you will see the pics of snow!
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April , I sure will enjoy them
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I wish we had snow at christmas time.. but it's summer then. We had alot of snow this year, well we are still having snow and it's spring YIKES! well in the far north(4 hours away) and in the far south( a few hours away), Snow is so much fun!

Jellybelly- Is Texas a hot place? Will you ever get snow?
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Yah, Texas sucks! Well north texas gets some snow but down south, we may get a freeze or sleet, but nothing sticks that long to accumulate LOL! Only recently which was early March, of this year, we got a freaky weather cold front that made the temps drop from 78 to 28 overnight and there was actual snow, I actually saw snow and tasted it and everything, there was a good layer and then it froze, it was iceland everywhere, everything white and frozen, so I slid around on my ass a little in the back porch LOL!!!! My son wasn't walking then so I took advantage of getting out on ice. It last about three days then warmed back up to the 30s and stuff melted pretty quickly and things were back to normal. That front killed off all my plants and roses, everything went into shock. Completely took us by surprise. But it was fun! And like a dumba** I didn't take pics (banging head on the desk). LOL! ANyway...hope it happens again and this time I'll be ready with my camera

SnowAngel!!!! (formerly known as skykitty) I really like that picture and am looking forward to many more and seeing the fall colors. Fall here is like a humid summer, it's october and still hasn't gotten cold like it should be. The trees are screwd, one day it's warm, the next it's a bit cool, so they are messed up, parts of trees are turning fall colors, the other parts are like what the heck is going on LOL!
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LOL! You tell a great story Jellybelly! Thanks for the headsup!

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Our snow is all melted and it is back to fall again. Next week temps will get up into the 60's. Everyone is much relieved. People are a little worried that we won't get the color now, but I don't see why not. As long as the leaves are still on the trees they should change color. Next Saturday we are planning on going for a ride to Copper Harbour for a color tour - it feels litterly like the end of the world. Copper Harbour is at the Northernmost tip of the Upper Peninsula. We will drive up Brockway Mountain to see the color from on top of the mountain. It is truly breathtaking!
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
I think living near mountains would be ideal. Those who like snow and winter sports could go up into the mountains to enjoy them. Those who prefer no snow and warmer temperatures could stay at the lower elavations where (hopefully) it wouldn't snow.
That's just one of the attractions of the Vancouver area. Minimal contact with S**W in the city (most of the time!), but pretty easy access to it for winter sports types.
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