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Why do cats like plastic bags?

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Seriously, why do our furry feline friends seem to adore plastic shopping bags so much? I know cats who like to play with and get inside them, many like to chew them, and others, like a certain hairball is doing now, sleep on them.


Read something once that said they could like and be reacting to a certain chemical in the plastic itself.

Any others have any plastic chewers/nappers out there? Or have any insight on why they do this?

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Why do cats like all bags!  biggrin.gif

If it's get-in-able they're right there...


I think they like the sound of plastic bags...

But of course it's not a great thing for them to be playing with as they do seem to be attracted to the taste and plastic bags are not good food and can do terrible things to their gut if ingested.  And of course there's the suffocation issue if they get into one and tangled up.


Which is a bit of a pity since they love them so much sigh.gif

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I think it's the noise they like. My cats have learnt to associate the crinkle of cellophane with something especially tasty. I swear they can hear a bag of cat treats being opened from a mile away, and heaven help you if you're just opening a packet of herbs or something. The looks they give you!!!

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As an artist (a frustrated one at times) my cats love the sound of me crumpling a piece of paper. They absolutely are on cloud nine when I toss it. Thrall will rip it to bits and with what she doesn't totally demolish will call to her sister Tia to join in on the fun (which she never accepts lol).

I have bought my fur babies expensive cat toys, cat condos, cat-nip, you name it and holds no interest for them, yet they go wild for a crinkled piece of paper ^o^ go figure
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I know exactly how you feel. I buy them new toys all the time but they'd much rather play with hawk feathers and bits of twig that they drag in from the garden. ~sigh~.


Their favourite thing at the moment is an old cork from a champagne bottle. I keep finding it hidden in my shoes.

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I think you might be onto something with the noise of it. We have a few of those moppy kickeroo catnip toys from kong. Oreo will ignore his other catnip toy and go straight for the moppy, it makes a crinkly noise like a bag when he plays with it. It's the only toy he will play with alone.


A cork? Must be a cousin of those who like to play with the stoppers from pop and water bottles laughing02.gif


I try not to leave bags out around but one was on my room floor for a few minutes the other night when I got back from wally world. As soon as I left the room Oreo had a new crinkly, plasticy bed.

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I had a flame point Siamese that was obsessed with plastic shopping bags and anything plastic including cellophane wrappings from items such as CDs. It is my understanding that these types of bags/wrappings have a fish oil residue left on them during the manufacturing process.
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  I have a couple of my Siamese /  Thai cats who like to  lick plastic bags .   I heard something similar to jmvito that it was  animal tallow or fish oil.   but i dont know if that would be in all bags.   It might be they encounter some bag at some time that either was made from something that has a taste / smell they like , and then they get habit of liking plastic. 

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