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Kitten tongue ulcer. Need help with feeding

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I had paid for a chocolate tabby persian, he is 7 weeks old. 2 days ago i got a call from his breeder telling me that out of the litter of 4, 2 had died, and the last two, of which mine is one, are not doing too well. As she works she couldn't give him the attention and care he needed
So i told her i'll take him and see what i could do with him.
He hadn't eaten in 24 hours, i tried everything with him. So off to the vet we went, it seems he has an ulcer in the tongue caused by either herpes or calicivirus.
He was given an antibiotic and vitamin shot, and has to complete a course of synolux. Does anyone have any info on these viruses?

This kitten is tiny, he weighs 300g.
Please help, i'm currently blending Iams tinned kitten food with lactol, and feeding via syringe. What are the chances of this little one.
I'm really going out of my mind with worry
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I won't lie to you. He does have a chance, but it isn't a big window of chance. He should be with mom, to help build up his antibodies, but since that isn't possible, keep him warm and keep him fed. How often are you feeding him? Is he pooping and peeing okay, or is he to weak? I would make a pouch for him so he can be right over your heart and wrapped up in shirt around you.

The pouch is easy to make, take a pillowcase, fold down the edges, tuck a soft cord under the fold, do a running stitch to keep the cord in place, drape the pouch over your shoulder, tie it so the pouch lays next to your heart. Put rolled up rags in the bottom for him, and wear him next to your heart all day and night. Your heartbeat will soothe him, you smell will comfort him, and he will be close when he needs to be fed. He is just a very health-compromised baby right now, and he needs your care 24/7 I would also add sardine oil to his formula to see if that whets his appetite. You need to keep him hydrated as well- to check and see if he is becoming dehydrated, gently pinch the scruff of his neck and let go. It should settle back down in under 2 seconds, if it stays protruding up, get him to the vet quickly he needs sub cu fluids.
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oh i really dont know what to do now
I'm giving him 4 mls every 4 hours. Hes pooping and weeing fine.
Is there anything else i can do??? I'm so attached to him
when you say theres not much chance? how much?? I'm really upset by this.... absolutely gutted
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He is health compromised- but he sounds like you are giving him exemplary care. Your main fight is to keep him hydrated, you got him to the vets for the antibiotics that will help boost his immune system. But a virus in a kitten of any sort compromises their health. He is pooping and peeing which is a good sign. It will depend on how long he had the ulcer in his mouth- sounds like his last owner wasn't very alert.

YOu are doing all you can, you are doing everything right. I did not mean to distress you, simply to let you know that mouth ulcers are very painful for cats and they simply don't want to eat because anything that touches the ulcers, burns. So keeping food in him is vital as is keeping water in him as well. Even if you only can give him a few drops every few minutes, if he doesn't let it run down his mouth and he does swallow, you are ahead of the game.

best of luck, and I am sorry if I scared you. I didn't mean to, just meant to let you know he needs special care.
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oh MA, thankyou so much for your quick replies, i just feel so strongly bout him. I would be going out of my mind if it wasn't for this board
Really am trying so hard to keep him going, hes swallowing the food well, its just so sad seeing him so tired and weak all the time.
do you know anything about these viruses which are the cause of this ulcer?
Thankyou for your help
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It depends on what the vet says caused the ulcers- the herpes virus can cause it the calici can cause it as well. Him not eating and not having the advantage of mom's antibiodies also leaves him open for anemia. If you open his mouth, are his gums pale or splotchy white? Do you know how many ulcers he has? Are they on the top or the bottom of this tongue? Poor kitty-

Here are some websites of information to help you muddle through this:


Pets O Pedia

Feline Advisory

Feline infectious diseases

Also as angry as you must be at this breeder. We appreciate that you will not name her. I do know if she is a sanctioned breeder, there are legal ways to go about shutting her down. But again, please keep her cattery name and personal name to yourself and contact the proper channels about reporting this person, who obviously shouldn't be breeding cats!
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his gums are pretty pink, doesn't look to anaemic to me, also i tried that pinching thing, and he seems well hydrated....he does actually drink alot of water.
The ulcer is on the top of his mouth, and the vet can only see one
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That's actually great news!
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which part?
Do you think from what i've said he'll pull through?? I really hope so, he's taking the food quite well, infact, i even think he might like it.

What about the amount im feeding, 4mls every 4 hrs, do you think thats enough, too much?
Thankyou MA, you're a lifesaver
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oh silly me, you meant the fact he only has one is good
not with it today, stress kinda does that to me
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Hi Jasminecat,

I have no advice (hissy is obviously the pro and extremely helpful) but I wanted you to know I'll keep this little one in my thoughts. I know how it is to have a sick kitten as I have one right now, so I wish you the best of luck. Never underestimate board vibes!

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Thankyou MissAtoms!
He made it through to this morning which makes me feel better, although it looks to me like he's developed a small limp?
I know for definate it's not from an accident but i think i read in one of Hissy's links that an additional side effect of a virus is lameness, am i right in thinking that?
Good luck with your own kitten, will keep him in my thoughts too
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Yes you are right in thinking that, it is the progression of the virus..I will say a prayer for him and for you-
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Thankyou MA, i really appreciate the support.
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Hissy or anyone, i've been thinking and im slightly confused, is it the virus, secondary infection, or just not eating which is most dangerous to Tayo right now?
Its just if the lameness is a sign of the virus progressing, is it a sign that the worst is yet to come?
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I wish I could offer you some advice on your kitten . But I want you to know that Corkscrew, Tibby and I are keeping our fingers, paws, tails... and what ever else we can crossed in hopes of sending some good luck to your kitten so that she will recover and feel better soon.
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Thank you uabassoon and the crew I really appreciate all the good vibes for Tayo
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