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Kiss & Aerosmith were AWESOME!!

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We were lucky enough to get to see the Kiss & Aerosmith concert last night. OMG it was AMAZING!!

Saliva opened, during which time we got our t-shirt. Apparently about half of the people who came to the show did the same thing.

Kiss - what a spectacular show! It was like a show from their height in the 70s. The newest song they played was from 1983 Lick It Up. They played almost all of the classics. Gene did the breathing fire, and started God of Thunder with the blood thing, which was so cool! Hope, I have to agree with you that Paul's chest and stomach are amazing!

And just when I was thinking "How can you possibly follow up THAT?" Aerosmith proved that they can. Steven Tyler has so much charisma and energy that he can carry the show by himself, I think, and then add the amazing musical ability of the whole band, and especially Joe Perry. They played a mix of new and old songs, and even played two songs from their upcoming album (February release), which is a real bluesy feel (I think it's all covers). Joe Perry sang one of those songs, and he sounds so much like Stevie Ray Vaughn it's almost scary!

The ONLY downside to the show was that it was SO COLD! It hovered around 40 degrees for the whole time, which doesn't sound that bad, but stay out there in it for 4 hours. The venue, which usually has a STRICT 10:30 curfew (I've heard of them cutting the power on bands mid-song), actually let them play until 10:45, but we didn't get any encores from Aerosmith. They really moved their set fast, though - almost no talking between songs, just one song right into the next. I'm sure that was because of the time constraints. Saliva went on late, too, which only added to the problem IMO. Both Kiss and Aerosmith only played for about 1:15 each.
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I saw Aerosmith back in 1975-1976 I can't remember what year exactly. I do remember I fell in love with the song "Dream On". I do remember my ears ringing for hours afterwards. I'm sure they were different people back then. What amazing staying power they've had.
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Kewl! Not a Kiss fan but love Aerosmith. Toys in the Attic was actually the theme for my junior year high school homecoming (to tell you how old I am).

My favorite album (and I mean ALBUM, not CD) was Get Your Wings.
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Glad you had a good time! Sounds like a blast!
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If it isn't obvious by my signature, Kiss is my favorite band, and Paul Stanley is my ultimate favorite man on the face of this earth. Did Paul wiggle is sexy butt for all the ladies last night?
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Many times, Hope! And his pants kept falling down, the first time it happened he said (as he tugged them up) "I'm losing my pants and you guys didn't pay THAT much!" It was SO funny!
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Oh Wow!!!! I wish I could have been there to see THAT!!! Paul has the cutest sexiest butt I've ever seen! I would have LOVED to see his pants fall down. In fact, I might have tried to HELP his pants fall down!
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Sounds like you had a fantastic time!
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They just played close to here, and I wanted to go so bad! I an glad you had a good time.
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Heidi that's awesome!! I would love to see Kiss.
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sounds like you had a good time, thats great a friend of mine is a big AeroSmith fan, he belongs to a fan club and goes to all the concerts and even gets to go backstage, has pictures of him with the band, glad you got to go
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