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litterbox "issues"

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Hi all. I'm brand new to the forums and have enjoyed reading about everyone else and their cats. I have a 4 month old torbie (blue, cream, orange) and she's wonderful-very affectionate and extremely active, I call her my wild woman! Her name is actually Maggie.

She's never had an accident or not used her litterbox, but I don't think she quite gets how to do it! She goes to cover her "stuff" up and it flies everywhere! She sometimes steps in it and then tracks it all over my apartment! It's gross and frustrating. I know she's not being naughty, but it's going to destroy my place!

Also, her "stuff" has been really runny, she's healthy-I took her to the vet just last Friday. I'm not sure what the deal is?

I'd love any advice you'd be able to give.
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Hi Mindi,
Welcome...I just started visiting the forums recently myself and I'm really enjoying reading and posting.

I can tell you that my cats are extremely vigorous when they're covering their "stuff." You would think they are digging to China in there!! The way I've solved this problem is to buy a litter box with a lid on it. That keeps all the litter inside while they're throwing it around. I also keep two or three old throw rugs right under and around the litter box so that when they come out, they have to walk on these first and it keeps them from tracking everything throughout the house. Boxes with lids also help to cut down on odors tremendously.

As for the running BMs, that sounds like something for the vet to investigate.

You say that she steps in it and gets it on her feet, and that makes me wonder if she has enough litter to cover it adequately. I always use a lot of litter...its relatively cheap and I've found if I give them a good four inches or so of litter to work with, they do a better job.

Hope this helps!
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Hey, thanks for the advice. I actually did get a covered box about 2 weeks ago. That has helped a ton! I also put lots of litter in there--she's just very aggressive! Other than an occassional stink in my apartment, she's a total joy to have around!
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