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Another kitten in the cat world

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Heya everybody and "Greetin's fae Bonnie Scotland!"

I'm the "new kit on the block" so I figured I'd drop everyone a little hello and tell you a little about me I'm joining you all from the North of Scotland (where for a change, and contrary to popular belief - it's not actually raining!) I'm 21 on Hallowe'en and I'm a single mum of a three-year-old ratbag of a boy. Alex and I live alone in Forres, where we also used to have two cats. Unfortunately I was put into a position where I was forced to part with my beloved little fluffballs, so now both Sprocket (rocket-man) and Greebo are in homes far away although the Rocketmeister does appear on the doorstep form time to time after a 10 mile hike to come back again - last time it was in the snow, bless his little heart! I have some really cute pictures of them both in the tinsel at Christmas when they were only a few weeks old, so when I get them scanned, perhaps I'll post them for you all to see - who knows, maybe they'd be worth a caption or two!!

Adore this site by the way - and the captioned pictures are lovely - you got a real cat lover on your hands here!

Nice to meet you all
Emma and Alex
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Welcome to this site . Yes we all like picture and would be great if you could post them
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hello and welcome - pics would be great!
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Welcome to the site Emma and Alex! That has to be difficult to be separated from your kitties. That's amazing that Sprocket still comes back home, I hope it isn't a terribly dangerous journey for him, but what devotion!
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Well, I'm not sure about dangerous, I think my cat has to have been the most psychotic little beastie on the planet - but he did come home in February (on Valentine's day funnily enough) from his new home - which happened to be 10 miles away and more or less two foot deep in snow the whole way! That was the best Valentine's a single woman could ever get! These days I like to enjoy my current partners cats - or at least his mothers! They're Danish pussycats too, so Kalle, Bertram and Carlos (as well as being foreign) are pretty eccentric little creatures. Two beautiful, elegant Burmese and well... a ginger horse. Kalle is big enough to be mistaken for a London bus and is about as far away from elegant as you can possibly get! I'm looking forward to getting out to Copenhagen to live one day... maybe then I'll have even more cats!

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Welcome to the site, Emma and Alex!
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Please do post pics! Welcome to our little home on the internet lillekat
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Hi and welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome home! This site is a great place to be.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
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Hi Welcome from Georgia We love pictures
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Welcome. I do hope you can have cats again. What a joy they are. Please post some pictures of your former babies.
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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