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Cuddly Cats!!

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I couldnt believe how cute this was.. Zoey was just sitting on the bed and Saki came up and got on her back lol and started to wrestle her a little and licked her.. and Zoey was licking him back! I almost died. I wish I could have got the licking on film

My furbabies love each other I am just so happy

I want to see pictures of your kitties cuddling!!
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OH MY GOSH!!! They are so cute together!! I love that last pic, priceless! LOL!
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CUTE CUTE CUTE pics of Zoey and Saki!! I LOVE it whenever I see my cats cuddling and licking each other!
Here's some of my pics..
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Another pic..
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Last pic- they're wrestling in this pic but they also like to cuddle and clean each other too. Often they'd start licking and cuddling then end up wrestling!
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OMG. Too cute!!!
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Sicy! Pamela! Cuddles overload! Wonderful pics. I posted some in this thread Look for Mozart Kayla Ginza cuddling!
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Oh man! I had a feeling there was another cuddle thread, sorry! I forgot all about it I got too excited

superkitty I love your cuddle bugs!!!!!!
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Thank you!

And why shouldn't Zoey and Saki have their own cuddles thread, especially neat since you were worried about them getting along, and it's really thrilling to feel the proud mama coming through in your post! Love the pics!
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Sicy, that is awesome!! Just wonderful!

I thought I had more cuddle stuff with my monsters, but seems it's mostly playtime stuff, not cuddles. There is this one, though...
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OK, more of a wrestling hold than a cuddle, but hey, it's an embrace:
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Didn't I tell you that soon we would be seeing pictures of Zoey and Saki cuddling they look so cute together!
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Awwww... Sicy and Pamela, those photos are sooooo adorable!
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Sammycat and Oscar during a mutual grooming session
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Just one more from the boys Isn't it great to see all of the kitties loving one another?
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This is Angel and Thailee , they always groom each other and snuggle together . I took the pic. from the outsite of the cat enclosure .
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I love your kitties! What breed are they?
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AWWW! So Cute!
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Aww I love all the cuddlers!! I never though these two would cuddle, or LICK each other.. I love that.. it is so cute.
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I want another kitty so I can have cuddle pictures too!
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Yum-Yum and Tigger
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Hockeygirrl the 2 in the chair are Oriental Shorthair Cats

Thank you all for the compliment

KittenKrazy Yumm - Yumm and Tiger look so cute together
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove

KittenKrazy Yumm - Yumm and Tiger look so cute together
I think so too, but bless his heart, he's confused, 'cause part of the time she'll bash his head in, and part of the time she lets him snuggle, bathe him, you name it ! Cats !!....go figure !
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that is called Catitute
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Sicy- I think that first pic is so special!
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