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Stirring it up

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Aren't you sorry that you asked for controversy...

Anyhow..here's a bit light hearted but good fur-flying question.

Which is more obnoxious..a male drunk or a female one? How should each be handled?

There... :tounge2:
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That one is easy. They're all obnoxious when you're the designated driver. Just don't puke in my new car, that's all I ask.
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Hey Deb25...now you would not let ME get away with a wuss answer like that.
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That's my honest answer. You only notice the obnoxious factor when you are looking in from the outside. Neither gender takes the cake in my opinion. All I know is that the whole thing would be a whole lot funnier if I had at least a slight buzz going.
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Oh, I have seen both! They are BOTH bad, but I honestly have to say that a male drunk is far worse! Of course, even when I used to drink more than 3 times a yr as now, I was never obnoxious. I was a fun drunk.

You know, it's been so long since I've had a drink, I can't remember what it's like! I bet it's been a year or there-a-bouts.
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I don't know what you'd call worse. Is it the guys fighting or the women crying and becoming totally hopeless? Either way, I repeat, just don't puke in my car.
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I gotta vote women. They can get coarser than any man.

A few years ago I went to a local watering hole called the Valley tavern to pick up a buddy. When I opened the door there were 2 females scrapping on the floor. Claws ripping hair flying..the whole ball of wax.The bouncer went over to break them up. When he reached down his right sleeve just disappeared,ZIP. He just stared at his bare arm,said ---- This!!! walked away and sat down. Someone threw a bucket of water on them.

There's just something unsettling about a swacked woman cussing you out in language that would shock a sailor....
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Now, see Deb, THATS my point....men get rude and stupid and women get naked! and permiscuous! How can you top that? LOL. (I did forget that in my earlier post). so, MEN are def. worse!
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:jarswim: All pickeled people are stupid! I can not abide either sex when drunk.
Women appear more pathetic to me as drunks than men - Sexist attitude probably!
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personally I don't think it comes down to gender, as much as other things. Some people are 'happy' drunks while others are violent or mean drunks. I have seen both with either sex. I really don't think it's something that is rooted in the X or Y chromosome.

Not trying to skirt the issue at all. I'm not afraid of having an opinion, it just so happens that my opinion on this subject isn't one or the other.
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I just knew it came down to the "get naked" issue with you. I was waiting for you to admit it first.

Guys get just as frisky as girls, but since they are not coming on to you, you hadn't noticed.

To that issue, I guess I'll say that guys are worse. Women may get more promiscuous and willing as drunks, but men sometimes just get more forceful, dangerous, and nasty.
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AMEN.....on the fact that "men sometimes just get more forceful, dangerous, and nasty" when drinking!!!
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I'm with just about everyone here. It doesn't matter what sex you are. Most drunks are obnoxious. Some are worse than others.. but I think a lot of it depends on the person, their maturity, and just how drunk they really are. Either way... women can be just as bad as men... and men can be just as bad as women. A drunk is a drunk.. either way you look at it.

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OK, Fine! You win! But...as I said in the relationship thread, 24/7 ok and for a guy who hasn't had it (though I've had other forms of fun) in like 4 yrs, can you blame me? I mean, I AM a cool/nice/romantic guy who can list female references here, ok? LOLOL. You are so funny! But, I'm suddenly feeling like a complete dog! And I don't like dogs! I like cats! Here kitty, kitty, kitty....ok, ok.....I'm stopping now! :-)
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Don't feel like a dog. I really like your candid honesty. But I just can't help taking a jab when there's an opening. It's just a part of me. Trust me, I have been told on more than one occasion that enough is enough. I only mean it in fun. If it bothers you, let me know. I only push your buttons because I have come to know you as somebody with a good sense of humor. Plus I don't always remember that sarcasm or humor don't always come across as intended in something read. Anyway, truce. I'll try to pull in the reins. Tap me on the shoulder if I'm going too far. (or find a cute girl in a thong and send me some roses).
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Deb, don't be silly! Jab away! I was just having fun too. No biggie. Now, don't go and acting all WOMANLY on me or I may have to drive the 3 hrs to Tampa and put you in your place! :-)
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Not acting "all womanly". Trying to be sensitive to your feelings. People tell me that is an area I need to work on. Now exactly what place is it that you are going to put me into?!?
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I feel qualified to answer this one 'cuz I see 'em both everynight at work!

As hard as I may try to be a responsible bartender, there are always the customers who get away from me, and before I can say "lemme get a bartowel and wipe that up", they've become the nights entertainment

In my opinion, the women are a bit worse than the men...sorry girls.

Men usually drink, get buzzed, talk sports, work, or women... or some other stereotypical "guy subject", get a little loud, and every once in awhile, argue or fight.

The women on the other hand drink, get buzzed, flirt, talk about men (very seldom positive), cry, get Very loud, then get (pardon me here) Catty, and argue or fight.

Men...(in my experience) are much easier to reason with when drunk, and can usually be calmed down by the bartender.
Women...just get outta the way and call the cops! If you do try to calm a drunk woman down, you will soon be the target of her wrath!

*note NEVER ask a customer to try to intervene with either sex...it only adds another body to the Dogpile!:

Oh, and women tend to much more demanding than the men too...although they do tend to be good tippers!

Okay, thats just my opinion, and these are just generalizations, not All women are Hellions just as not all men are Saints:angel2:
(Should I be looking for a spot in the foxhole?)

Gonna get myself a beer, anyone else need one?

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Your a doll! You know I love'ya!
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A drunk IS a drunk. But women who are drunk fight more nastier than men in my opinion. They pull hair, scratch eyes out. It is NOT a pretty sight.

One night my daughter and I were driving home and I yelled "Cat fight!" There were two women on the ground (in the street, no less!)duking it out. My daughter thought I mean two CATS fighting. I was laughing so hard I had to pull over! She on the other hand, did not find it amusing.
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