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Help don't know what to do stray

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My neighbor feeds the strays.  When I came home earlier today I saw a young thin cat who the other cats were trying to attack. I think the young cat was trying to eat the food that my neighbor puts out.


I was able to put out a can of food and stood there while the young cat ate the whole can of food and drank some water.


My problem is I know nothing about cats ( have always had dogs) what I want to know is if I pick the cat up, it seems to have an eye infection and I would like to get it to a vet.  I have no idea if it is safe to pick up a stray cat if they bite or scratch  (  I am such a dummy when it comes to cats sorry )


What can I do to help the eye problem and why are the other cats bullying this cat.  He is not tiny almost the size of the big cats but very thin, wonder if he could be sick.


An suggestions would be appreciated about what I can do . and why the other cats are acting they way they are.


Thank you

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is it a tame stray or is it feisty feral?

if feral, you will need to trap it with a humane trap. some shelters, spca, humane, rescue groups will loan or rent them out.

if a stray, you can buy a cheap cardboard carrier from Petco to take it to the vet. i would wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to be on the safe side. you do not want to get bit. 

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Your skinny cat may be lost or strayed or abandoned so it is not used to taking care of itself, doesn't know where to find food and that's why it is so thin. It is like the "new kid on the block" and the other cats are protecting their territory and that's why they attack it. Just one possible scenario.


Feeding it and providing water is a good thing, regardless of how or why this skinny little cat happened to show up.


Ask your neighbor(s) if they know anything about the cat, maybe have seen it around previously.


Talk gently to the cat when you feed it (and it sounds like you have to watch so it can eat and not get run off by the other cats.) See if it wants to come to you. If yes, maybe try putting your hand out so it can sniff and learn your scent, then maybe try to pet.


The cat doesn't sound in such horrible shape that you need to swoop down on it and urgently get it to the vet immediately. Food and water may go a long way to improving things for this lost cat who needs a good kind friend, like you. If you have a vet for your dogs call and describe things, ask how important it is to get the cat to the vet - sooner or can it be a little later.


Welcome to TCS, do come back and give updates, let everyone know what happens.


And thank you for caring, even if you don't know much about cats you did the right thing.

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I wasn't sure from your post if you've already picked the cat up. Sounds like you have, so that tells me it's a lost or stray cat. The eye infection may be an upper respiratory infection. In that case, a vet visit, with possible antibiotics, is warranted. The other cats may be chasing him/her because he's sick.

Discuss spaying (or neutering) the cat with your vet and of course, any shots he/she may need. If you are not able to have this cat as an inside or outside pet, see if you can find a local rescue group to help. I would also talk to the neighbor about whether his cats are all spayed and neutered. That can add many, many problems if not done.

Good luck and thank you for helping.
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