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Rock Concerts & Public Suicides

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From Yahoo News - Oddly Enough

City Tries to Block Concert Suicide Plan
Tue Sep 30, 8:57 AM ET

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Reuters) - City officials in St. Petersburg, Florida, passed a law on Monday banning public suicides in an attempt to prevent a rock band from carrying out a planned suicide at a concert.

The band Hell on Earth said on its Web site, www.hellonearth.net, that a terminally ill member of the Euthanasia Society would commit suicide at the concert at an undisclosed location in St. Petersburg. The band said it planned to show the event on its Web site.

"This is about standing up for what you believe in and I am a strong supporter of physician-assisted suicide," band leader Billy Tourtelot said in a statement posted on the Web site.

"This performance will go in its entirety and it will be in St. Petersburg on Oct. 4," Tourtelot said.

The St. Petersburg City Council held an emergency meeting on Monday and passed an ordinance to ban public suicides. City officials are also seeking a court injunction to stop the performance.

The St. Petersburg-based band is known for its outrageous acts. At one concert, dead rats were put into a blender and some audience members drank the concoction.

The concert featuring the suicide had been scheduled to take place at the State Theater in St. Petersburg but the manager canceled it after he learned about the planned suicide.

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what is the world coming to???
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So much, for dying with dignity.
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Personally, I'm for terminally ill people being able to "orchestrate" their passing with dignity and a minimum of fuss and intervention. But to have a public suicide? That's not a dignity, that's exploitation. I really hope that this is all a sick joke.
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I'm with you, okeefecl.
I am against suicide, but I believe a terminally ill person should be allowed to be put out of pain at their request, with friends and family to help them go through it, but not in a public way like this. It is so sad that this person feels that he has to do it this way. That band has been so wishy washy and vague about it, I have seen several intrviews, that I think it would be best to just cancel the show.
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AOL had this story too. They went on to say this band has also thrown live rats into a grinder on stage. I think they are disgusting and no matter how their music sounds I will not listen to them.
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I think its sad that he has to do it in front of people.

But if he does do it, what can the authorities do? Arrest him?
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Guess Marilyn Manson isn't the tops in shock rock anymore.

Kellye, they obviously wouldn't arrest him, but depending on the method chosen they would intervene and get him medical treatment (which is never covered by insurance). If he did succeed, the band would be arrested for murder, or accessories to suicide.
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It's aweful
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I agree with assisted suicide if you are terminally ill, and only by a doctor. Doing it this way is just sick
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Originally posted by valanhb
If he did succeed, the band would be arrested for murder, or accessories to suicide.
I'm not so sure of this. Before Dr. Kevorkian wound up in jail,
CBS's 60 Minute's show actually braodcast a suicide assisted by Kevorkian, which I think may have been the case that caused him to actually be convicted. But other than a lot of criticism, nothing happened to the CBS people, some of whom I believe actually filmed the event.

Just as an aside, while I am not opposed to assisted suicide, Kevorkian always troubled me. I think he was a serial killer, hiding behind his profession, like some of those cases of nurses who murder elderly patients in hospitals. Granted that people asked Kevorkian for assistance, but I do wonder if he got something out of it beyond the desire to be compassionate.
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