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Everyone from a DIFFERENT country than the U.S. - A question for you?

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Would everyone from another country please tell me your $money$ exchanges to the US dollar? And, how does one figure if the value of one is worth more or less than that of another country? And how about between other countries than the US.

This confuses the hell out of me.

A Lira to a dollar, a pound to a dollar, a Peco to a dollar??????
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Hi Meowman....
Well I am from the US but if you want to convert money try this site out....

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You can also convert ALL currencies to BIIIIIG smiles by sending them to my address!!!! :tounge2:
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Well, my daughter just returned from Australia. One of our dollars = about $3.50 of theirs.
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Meowman...well it is early this morning and I am still half asleep - it took me 3 tries at reading your post to fully understand it - I need more coffee

Right in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) our currency is the Dirham and the conversion is 3.67 Dirhams = 1US$

The Great thing with the Middle East is that it is tax free.....
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Tax free? Well, not all over the ME We pay a lot of taxes!

Our currency is the Shekel and it's about 4 shekels for one dollar.
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Hmm lets see, this is probably not very accurate at all, one British pound is the equivalent of about $1.30 I think.......something like that anyway!!
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Well, the Germans have the Deutsch Mark. I haven't been there in about a year, but its approximately about $1= 1.90 DM's.

Anytime you want to convert, you just multiply. For instance, if you want to buy $10 worth of German money, you would multiply 10 x 1.90 and that would give you the amount in Marks. So you would have 19.00 DM's
Its pretty simple once you catch on.

Hope this helps a bit.
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1 dollar = around 2.100 liras

But with the euro everything will be easier. 1 dollar = 0.9 euro or something like that.

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I forgot that in English commas and dots are not the same as in Italian, I meant 1 dollar = 2,100 liras (two thousand one hundred).

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Just a note on Sinophilia's....in Europe they use a "dot" instead of a comma like Americans. So $1.00 is actually 2100 lira.........
Diana, I know a lot of the Americans will get confused with seeing 2.100 , That means only 2 here. Funny how different things are, huh??
Just trying to clarify a little. I know someone might realize that the lira is a lot more than just 2!!!!
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Well..from a Canadian point of view...$1.00 U.S. is equivalent to about $1.50 Canadian, which kinda sucks when your an eBay addict like me..If I bid on something worth $10.00 American, its around $15.00 for me
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Thanks for a good laugh!
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Diana, I just read that you explained the commas and dots thing!!!!!! Sorry that I posted the same thing. We must have been posting at the same time because yours wasn't there before Anyway, thanks for clearing it up.
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In Australia the exchange rate has varied from as low as 48 to around 53 (maybe). But it's all around the half way mark. I just double anything in American dollars for an approximate Australian dollar value.
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The Hong Kong is pegged at about $7.74 to the US dollar. This is an unwieldly number to convert, so I usually go by $100 HK = about $12.50 US to make rough estimates. The Chinese Renminbi is worth just slightly less than the HK dollar.

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I think it's interesting how it matters what country you live, how you figure the exchange rate.

When I lived in Canada in the late 70's, a Canadian dollar was worth about 0.87 (87 cents) American. But I can't do the conversion the other way, I don't know how many Canadian dollars were in $1 US.

I went to France several years ago with a college friend and the rate was about 6 francs to a dollar. Now we were pretty free with our money in terms of covering each other when we were short in the US, I mean we'd get to owing each other $10 or $15 which is significant when you're in school. But in France, we were figuring it out down to centimes how much we owed each other and keeping the accounting straight! We laughed about it later, worrying about, what, less than a dime? just because we were overseas . . .
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good question.

tell me Chuck, are you planning on traveling anytime soon? Looking for the best exchange rate?
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Here in Australia at the moment it's about 53 cent's so you can get about double your money for US dollar. It does fluctuate I have seen it as far down as 47 cents.

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Hi there

Im South African and our rand is worth buggerall , i was actaully chatting to someone from the us the other day and we worked it out like this its costs me 9.01 Rand for one US dollar

So........... for eg to feed a familly of four over here costs 1800 rand, wheras to feed a familly of four would cost 800 dollars(thats according to the lady i was talking to ) Our monthly rental for a average 3 bdr home costs around 2500-3000 rand and yours is about 600 dollars, BUT my hubby only earns 5000.00 per month, so i worked out that the income i would have left in the US after food and housing would be 70% more than what we have here- so we are saving money and seriously considering emmigrating
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