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Debby,I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hopefully this is a benign lump. I had to go through a biopsy years ago and the waiting is so stressful. My thoughts are with you.

Hedi, I know what you mean about the Army hospital taking their time. I use the same hospital, the one at Ft. Stewart, Ga. I live very close to there. I have had to call back several times when they told me they would contact me and never did. I just really dont like the doctor they assigned to me and he doesnt follow up when he says he will. Hopefully you didnt get the same doctor I have. I had some tests done twice and went in to get the results and he told me what he thought I may have and then told me he wasnt sure that he had to do some more research on it and would call me in a day or so and never did and I called them back and left messages and never got a return call, either at home or on my cell phone. I just kind of gave up and am going to ask to have another doctor assigned to me. My daughter had a nurse practitioner assigned to her and she is wonderful, guess I just got one that doesnt care. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope everything turns out well for you.
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Malynn if you are cloth to Hunter I can recoment you a great Dr. there . His Name is Dr. Pekansky , he take his time and will do all follow ups . I used to have him and then he switched collors to white . After I found that out I also changed to that . Then I found out he moved to hunder airfield . I was so absad about that . A friend of mine has changed to hunter and is seeing him there . Ft. Steward really sucks sometimes , not all the time .
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Debby - at least they are taking care of it as soon as possible! I will keep you in my prayers that surgery goes smoothly and that the lump is benign. Please keep us up to date!

I had a tumor in my neck that had to be removed years ago and I know how scary it is until you get the tests back saying it was negative for cancer. Good luck.

Your Merlin angel will watch over you!
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Miss Atoms,

this poem at the bottom of your post:

This is our last goodbye,
I hate to feel the love between us die,
But it's over
Just hear this and then I'll go
You gave me more to live for, more than you'll ever know
This is our last embrace,
Must I dream and always see your face?
Grady and Alex - RIP 08/25/03 - 10/02/03, my little kittens that left too soon

Did you write that? It is so beautiful! I lost my Merlin back in May and that could have been written just for him!! Do you care if I save it? I am so sorry about your kittens!

Hedi...have you heard any news yet on your results? I am scared about tomorrow, but hanging in there. Thanks for all your prayers/thoughts everyone! *hugs*
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((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) Debby, prayers and good vibes I send to you! I hope that the only news you receive is Good News!
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Debby and Hedi - you are both in my prayers. I have only hugs for you, and I agree - I pray the only news is good news.


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awwww you are so sweet , thank you
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Hi Debby,

It's actually an excerpt from a song by Jeff Buckley called Last Goodbye. The song is more of a love song for people etc. but I felt those lines were appropriate. It's a really good song, although it makes me cry every time I hear it now. Of course you can save it - it wasn't really mine to begin with but I'm glad you asked. Now everyone can listen to it.

P.S. I'm sorry about Merlin. I think I remember reading about that. (((HUGS)))
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Debby, HANG in there about the surgery.

Be sure to ask for some painkillers cuz u'll be in pain for the first few days after and be sure to take it easy! DO NOT LIFT ANYTHING HEAVY INCLUDING BABIES..

The reason I'm saying this is cuz the first time I had a lump removed from my left breast, I overdid it (did interpreting for deaf/blind which means I use my hands to communicate and the deaf/blind would put their hands on my hands to feel my hands and I'd be using more of my chest/arm muscles for this). I ended up getting a BIG blood clot in my breast. My dr said he never saw anything bad like that-basically my left breast swelled almost double in size, my whole chest was black/blue and it hurt to breathe. I basically went through a year of HELLISH pain due to this and still suffer some pain from this to a lesser level so PLS take it easy.. The 2nd time I had surgery on my breast, I took it easy and recoverd a lot quicker.

Keep us posted. I'll be thinking of u tmr...
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Debby, I got your email only after I came back from vacation and I had no idea you were going through this... I'm so sorry.

Sending all my thoughts and prayers your way.

I hope all is well...

Thinking about you ((((hugs))))
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Debby called tonight, her lump was benign! They took it out and she is unable to type due to not being able to use her arms.
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Originally posted by hissy
Debby called tonight, her lump was benign! They took it out and she is unable to type due to not being able to use her arms.
Fantastic news!
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Oh that is just great news! **Hug** Debby, take it easy and heal now!
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Fantastic News Debby! I'm sending you lots od cyber hugs and kisses!

Take time out and recover quick

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That's great news!! Get well soon, Debby!
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Thank god for that!

Get well soon so you can get back to typing!
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Debby, you must be so relieved! I am so happy for you!
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I was wondering how everything went, I'm glad you posted hissy. And being it's good news, it's even better. Yay!
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that is the best news Ive heard today! yay debby!
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Good news! Heal fast Debby!
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{{{{{{{{{{Debby}}}}}}}}} That is great news!!!!!! Now, heal quickly and get back in here!!
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Great news Debby!!!
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Hope you're back to typing soon.
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Praise God , I am so happy .
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That's great Debby! U must be so relieved! I know the feeling...
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Oh Debby that is wonderful news! Now feel better soon so you can join us online again!
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That's fantastic news!
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Yippi, I'm so happy it was great news.
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That is absolutely wondeful news!
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That is great news. Hope you're back online soon.
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