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About my lump (gosh that sounds awful, but how else do I say it?)

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Went in yesterday and had lab tests, more blood work and chest x-rays. They found two more smaller lumps in my breast (4 inches from the larger one). Have to go in tomorrow morning for a mammogram and then meet with the surgeon on Friday. Prayers would be appreciated, although I am sure they are nothing. (trying to think positive)

Also, since time is limited at the moment...I am leaving a quick personal message here for someone, instead of a PM... (I have to go offline right now)...

Jenn....I have not forgot you...I am still going to send you something for all you have done for me, I just don't have time to search the interent right now for exactly what I am looking for. Please forgive me, since I know I have promised you this for a long time now. *hugs*
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Oh gosh Debby, I hope the tests all come back okay. I'm glad you went in to have them checked out. And it's good to keep thinking positively, I'll be sending tons of good thoughts your way.

And please don't worry about sending anything, it's not necessary, and I am not upset by it whatsoever. Stop beating yourself up over it. You can however post more pictures of Amber when you have time.
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Sending prayers for good results...
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Thanks for understanding!! I will get something sent out to you, when I have time to find just the right thing! I have to go now...Brent is waiting for me to pick him up at his mom's. Love you all!
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Positive thoughts heading your way Debby.

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You know you're in my thoughts Debby. I do hope everything turns out for the best for you.
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good luck girl!
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Sending prayers and good vibes from me and the boys Good luck!
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Ask for the ultrasound also!!!! I'll be holding your hand in cyberspace tomorrow.

(((*****hugs Debby******)))
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Sending prayers and hugs, Debby.
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sending prayers and *hugs*
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Good luck Debby! (((HUGS)))
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I wish you the best, and send positive thoughts your way,
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Debby i will keep you in my prayers
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Good thoughts, from Tucson. I've been through this, myself.
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HANG IN THERE! I know what it's like.

I went thru this twice myself and still have more lumps in my breasts-need to go to the dr myself but keep putting it off cuz I KNOW what he will want to do - more biopsies, biopsies, waiting for test results then discussing what to do next.

After having two biopsies and having two huge scars on my breasts, I now tell friends that if I ever get married that my future hubby will get to play "connect the dots" since i have so many scars (from other surgeries also)! Grin..

Pls keep us posted. U're in my prayers.. PM me if u need to talk to someone who has gone thru this for support or something..
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I'll keep you in my prayers, as I am sure all here will do. If all the prayers and good thoughts are of any help, you should be fine.
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Sending good thoughts for you. I hope everything turns out well.
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Sending plenty of positive thoughts and prayers in your direction.
Good luck Debby!!!
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I have been thru this also.... My Mom lost a breast to Cancer.... Sorry for being squemish guys. Debbie, just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that you will make it thru this, bodi intact.
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Hope everything turns out well. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Good Luck! I will keep you in my prayers.
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I also have a lump in my left breast and a cist in my right breast . I had today my memmogram done on both breast and a ultra sound on my right breast . About 2 weeks ago I had some problems with my right breast , were in pain and was feeling something there . Praise God the pain is gone and I don't feel any more what I felt 2 weeks ago . I don't know how all my test went today as the army hospital always take their sweet time . My mom also had in both breats canser , so I am a bit worried .So I know how you feel . Be sure I will be praying for you ((((HUGS))))
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I'm rooting for you sweetie! On the positive side... it's not unusual for post natal women to have a few lumps in their breasts. So I'm thinking the best for you!
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thinking good thoughts for you, Debby and for you, PurrfectCatlove, as well.
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thank you Lucia , that is very nice of you .
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Oh lots of hugs to you Sending you lots of prayers for you
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Debby, many prayers coming from my way. Positive thoughts are the best right now...so no matter how bad you're feeling about all of this, try to keep those positive thoughts.

Mega hugs to you Hon!
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Debby love and prayers heading your way. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Hedi - I will keep you in my prayers as well.

Healing thoughts going towards both of you.
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Good luck Debby. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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