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eye discharge normal?

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Kinsey has started getting some brown crusty stuff in the corner of one of her eyes lately and I'm wondering if that is normal or not. I haven't noticed any other things wrong with her.

Also, Mosley sometimes breathes like she has a little bit of a stuffy nose. It's very mild and only very occasionally. Can this be normal or does it mean another uri?
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I would just make sure there's no green,yellow, and the third eyelid isn't showing. Sometimes just an excess of tearing, and dirt in the air will cause it to turn brown and crusty. Cats can sometimes have allergies to things in the air and it will cause some mild sneezing and the excess tearing. If you notice any heavy sneezing with discharge, or the above mentioned, you may be dealing with an upper respiratory infection.
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One of my Russian Blues gets a discharge regularly that is reddish in colour, quite different than what the other cats get. When it first happened, I mentioned it to the vet, who told me that normal discharge can look like that. In addition to what Sandie suggested, I would open her eyelids a bit and see whether the white part of the eye is red/inflammed or if the third lid is, if you can see any of it. If everything looks okay, it's probably just something she is prone to.
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