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One down and four to go

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Massey found a new home today. I haven't had the little guy very long, but still I cried, even though I know he went to a really good place. He has a home in the country about 4 acres to run, a older 13 year old Siamese on her last legs with diabetes. There is a 2 year old stray pup that the couple adopted there as well. The lady had already set up a kitten room, gave me references when she called me so I had time to check them out. One of them was my own vet. I know he will have a long happy life there, they are far away from any roads. But I will miss the little guy a lot. Alice really wanted Ash, but Ash doesn't like to be held much, and as the couple are elderly, they really didn't want a kitten that scratched. I am happy to have found him such a great home, but sad to lose the little personable guy.
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I'm glad you have found a good home for the lil' guy. Yeah, I'd cry too! Of course, I'm a wuss when it comes to furballs!
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Oh Hissy,

I know this whole thing has been hard on you every way you look at it! For me personally, once I name 'em, I'm hooked! I can't wait to get back to school and tell one of my friends (an avid dog lover; not so big on cats) that there was one named after her (Massey)!
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I'm so glad the little fella found a good home! I know it's sad to part with a sweet little creature like that, but you have saved his life and are an absolute
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You have been through a lot with this situation and it really hurts to say 'bye'. I hope that you can at least get updates on the little guy now and then from his new family.
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I'm glad Massey found such a good home! I am sure they will take very good care of him, and I know how hard it is to let go, once you are attached.
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