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Morgan-Lucky update--still need advice

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Hi all,
I wanted to update everyone on the Morgan and Lucky situation. (2 older male neutered cats--just brought the 15 year old Lucky home--he's deaf and his owners abandoned him in a parking lot.)
I have them separated when I'm not home--and at night. Morgan has the run of the house as usual, Lucky sleeps in his "apartment" the other bathroom. He has been crying at night and I have to go see what he wants.
They seem a bit more tolerant. Still lots of hissing and staring each other down. They actually have stayed in the same room eyeing each other over and not fought. I have to be there though and threaten to squirt the water bottle. Morgan isn't hiding as much and if they do get into a hissing match--Morgan tries to hold his ground.

The problem is Lucky still attacks Morgan--it's happened a couple times when I've thought they were in different spots and they snuck around me. They are pretty loud, mostly Morgan running and Lucky chasing, but there is fur left over so someone's connecting!!! I don't know if this will subside with more time--it's only been 2 weeks. Am I ever going to have a peaceful normal existance with these two?

Also--Lucky sways alot when he walks. His balance is off--could it be from him being deaf?
Any more advice would be helpful. Thanks all.
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I wonder whether Lucky is having more physical problems. He shouldn't sway when he walks. It makes me wonder whether he has an ear infection, which would cause dizziness or a staggering walk. It might be wise to take your poor boy to the vet to be on the safe side.

If indeed Lucky isn't feeling well, that would contribute to his aggression. I can't remember whether you followed all of the suggestions on introducing a new cat into the household. If not, you might want to check some of the hints that have helped others.
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He was at the vet when I picked him up. He had been there for 4 days.
The vet checked him for FeLV, gave him shots, checked for worms, flea treatment etc. They said he was okay, just very old and frail. He only weighs about 6 lbs (probably at 7 now since I've been feeding him) and he's a big cat--I think he is Maine Coon or something close.
I did try almost all the suggestions. I try to keep them separated but I feel bad when I can't get to spend time with either of them.
I think Lucky is used to fending for himself and so he's aggressive. He likes to "take over" the place. I can see that. Morgan is not used to being "uncomfortable". He's been here since he was 6 mos old.

I keep trying. I guess they will eventually figure it out.
I hope I am not crazy by then!!!
Thanks again.
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