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Tuesday DT

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Fumbling for my brain and personality and spunk. Today is a sunless day though the sun is bright and making a stance of sunshine. Allergies sent awry, nose dry, tears won't cry. My husband asked me in a demoted way 'what's wrong with you?' I'll tell you what's wrong bleep bleep bleep you bleep bleep bleep is what I wanted to say. Why oh Lord was I created a woman?
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My allergies are playing up too, well, I am not sure if its allergies or a cold, it was 39 this morning
I feel so tired. Ugh. And one more week til my woman check up - not looking forward to that.....hope all is well!
Picked up a book from the library and ordered "And the Band Played On" to be delivered from another library (the nearest library is tiny and has limited books)

Coffee is brewing...want to come over Kimberly?
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Is it 5:30 yet??? Darn, another 3+ hours to go.

It's not a bad day, but I really want it to be over because tonight we are going to see......KISS AND AEROSMITH!!!!!! (I'll be thinking of you Hope!) So my mind is already at the concert. Of course, they picked the coldest day of the season so far. Our high is supposed to be in the 50s, and of course the concert is at night and outdoors. I've never seen either band before (bad rock fan!) so I'm especially psyched to see these two legends on the same stage in one night!

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Kiss are and remain brilliant - when the concert starts it all goes quiet- then the announcer screams out "alright ...(wherever you are), you wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world - KISS" and with that the whole place goes nuts.
Its an incredible experience and one I will never forget -
who went to the hot in the shade tour back in ??? but what a gig - 1000 tickets - huge venue - small crowd - they wanted a personal night and it felt that way - they played for hours and we just rocked and rocked all night.
Just have a great night and let Hope and I know how it went.
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Kev that show sounds incredible! Up close and personal with Kiss - how cool is that??

Unfortunately, the venue they are playing sucks. There is a noise ordinance (not too loud now!), and a time ordinance (they have and will pull the power to the stage at promptly 10:30, no matter what). The accoustics stink! And the audience is put on a ~20 degree slope which makes standing to enjoy the show for 3-4 hours really hurt the next day. Actually the only good thing about Fiddlers is that you don't have to pay for parking (they include a parking surcharge in the ticket price).

BUT, these two bands could play a total dive bar and still be amazing! Especially with Kiss back in their makeup and putting on the huge spectacles like they did in the 70s. I know Debby is a big Aerosmith fan, and I'm sure there are more closet rockers out there too. I'll be sure to post my experience tomorrow.
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Spindly bindly tightly twiddle thump. That's my brain somewhere falling on asphalt. I would gladly come over for some coffee Kiwi, I'll just fax my otherself to you Stranded at toystore, door won't open, engine whined and groaned. Pissed off I reckon at not getting a fix. I am pissed off to the brink of keeling over if my husband does not get a f-ing car! But hey too late, the deadline was today and he has not or will not get the car. Somebody pop my head so the air can come out.
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jellybelly, today is Tuesday, not Monday. Garfield always said mondays are out to get you!
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OMG Heidi, I am so jealous! I LOVE Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has a permanent place on my list! And I've never seen them live...

Very quiet day for me, just work and now I'm trying to get caught up on laundry, since every weekend suddenly seems to be booked. Not with fun, glamorous, cool stuff, of course. Obligatory family stuff, which is fun also, but it gets tiring working all week and running all weekend

I'm in the middle of a fabulous book right now, can't hardly put it down. It looked like The Time Traveller's Wife was going to be the book club's book for October, so I jumped the gun and bought it last Friday. Now we're not reading that one, but I'm sure glad I bought it - it's wonderful! Days are always better when I'm in the middle of a good book...
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JB, I sure hope that tomorrow's better for you!
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SSDD. The client was on-site today and everybody had to be on their best behavior. We began taking calls for Mercedes-Benz credit today, too. Daimler-Chrysler is consolidating everything.

Yours truly got trotted out, for the VIPs, as one of three people, who have perfect stats. To heck with the VIPs - give me a nice raise!

The company ponied up for lunch, in the cafeteria (whoopee). I passed - I've seen the cook picking his nose, too many times.

I need to call my dad, to find out if my brother got released and where he's at. With Mike out, Bill is short-handed at work and can't get things done. He lost a lot of time, today because a sweeper got wrecked. Bill had to go out, with a cutting torch and remove 50 feet of guardrail from underneath it.

Shell, still no jacket. I'm ready to grab someone at the post office by the throat and wring it out of them.
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finally got my fix of Starbucks! feeling much better thank you mind you I still want to bop my husband for not taking the best deal of the year but hey who knows what lies ahead, the best catch is waiting. Thank you Tuxedo!! I do hope it is better! I function better when I have had my coffee but we ran out this morning and I needed it badly but was zoned out with a fogbrain. I think the next place we move has to be within walking distance of a coffee place, or at least the store so that I can buy it easily.

Heidi, you have to let us know how the concert went, both are the greatest bands yet to see live!

Well I hope everyone gets what they want and before the weekend rolls around.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Shell, still no jacket. I'm ready to grab someone at the post office by the throat and wring it out of them.
You haven't got it YET? My God it's been a week today! You're right...you could have driven to Nebraska to pick it up quicker than the Postal Service! I wonder if there's a way they can track it...I've never asked about it, but you'd think they'd have to track a bigger item. I'll call tomorrow & see what they tell me. Jeez..that just sucks that you haven't got it yet!
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Shell, when I use the Postal Service and want the tracking option, I have to ask for it. At least in my neck of the woods. Unlike UPS that gives all their packages a tracking number, you have to request it from USPS and pay for it on top of the shipping. I can also say that getting the tracking on it is probably not worth the price, not that it's much to pay. It's just that they only update their tracking site once a day at best. Usually I get the package at my door before I see much action on the tracking site.
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For me to mail something from Texas to California, it takes a week, like if I shipped it Monday, which I have shipped an e-bay item, even freaking Priority!!! I shipped this dress priority on a Monday, she didn't get it till the following Monday totally bites! So it will take some time, if you did it snail mail. Anyway...
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