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Cat peeing a lot?

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I'm not sure if the amount he's peeing is normal or not, but it seems like he's going to pee quite a bit, and has a lot of it when he does go. There's no straining, though he occasionally meows when he's digging (only once and awhile, but he meows a lot being a 13 week old cat) He normally goes 4-6 times through the day, and maybe once at night. He's on a half canned half raw diet and never gets dry food. H gets fed around 4-6 small 1 to 1.5 ounce meals a day - he which is normally when he follows us into the kitchen and asks to be fed. Both the raw food and the canned I give him are high in water, but I never actually see him drink from his water bowl. he also only poos once or twice a day.


Is this normal for a male cat his age on his diet? He was just at the vet 2 days ago, and the doctor said he looked very healthy. He's been peeing a lot before the visit though, probably the last 3 \weeks. Thanks in advance for any help! I also wasn't sure where to put this question :( hope this was right!

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Many cats who are on an all wet diet (canned and/or raw) don't drink much water. They do get a lot of moisture in their food, so I wouldn't worry about not seeing him drink much unless he wasn't eating.

As for the amount and frequency of peeing, that's hard to say since it is individual. Mine pees 3-4 times a day. Your kitten is eating a lot since he's still growing. I would think that as long as his pee clumps are normal in size, I wouldn't worry too much. If he pees frequently in small amounts, then it's time to start worrying.
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Well, that seems like a lot, but it's really hard to say, because if you say what you are feeding is really high in liquid content, then maybe it's not that much after all.  And maybe kittens bladders aren't that big and they have to pee more often dontknow.gif 


I would say since he's only meowing occasionally when he's digging in the litter, that's not an issue say with him trying to tell you he has something like a urinary tract infection.  He might be telling you his litter box is full (if he is going that much smile.gif), or he might just be playing around. 


Anyway, since he was just at the Vet and got a good report, you could probably just call them back and say you forgot to ask that question about the frequency of his peeing, and see what they say. 


Sorry I can't offer more than that.  anon.gif

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