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does your cat watch tv?

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I am sitting here writing this and I have Thats My Baby on where they are doing a piece on training shelter dogs that are deemed to wild and which are completely untrained. well, the volunteers are training these dogs in obedienceto be more adoptable and amber is sitting there watching...

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awww Amber looks so cute watchin TV

Mine watch with me too and sometimes one off them try to catch something on the big screen
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Yep, he loves watching it with his daddy...
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Kahu will watch tv, I think he is fascinated with the movement on the screen. Peedoodle, however, has no interest in telly.
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My cat doesn't, but my dogs do. I mentioned this on another thread, but they love the movie Best in Show . I sometimes put the DVD in and watch it with them just because I know they like it...
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Hilarious! Yes! My female watches TV with me! Especially when there are canines involved! The first time I saw it was when we were watching a show on Discovery about a family of Wolves. She was mesmerized for about 10 minutes and then went up to the screen and started pawing at them and trying to reach in and play with them! It was hilarious. The second time it was a show on wild dogs. She didn't go up to the screen this time, but she sure did watch intently! Silly li'l kitties!!!
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The only time Ophelia has watched TV was when we were watching Desperado. Apparently she liked Antonio Banderas (she has good taste!), because it didn't matter what was happening in the movie, if he was on screen she was watching it!
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Oscar has a crush on Miss Amber. He would like very much to take her out for a love fest on the fence I promise that he will be a good boy on the first date
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Cute! We don't have TV, so Luna never has a chance to watch it.
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originally posted by blondiecat
Oscar has a crush on Miss Amber. He would like very much to take her out for a love fest on the fence I promise that he will be a good boy on the first date
lmao! you crack me up
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If it moves a lot on tv then both Aragorn and Legolas will watch carefully then attack the tv! LOL 2
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meow watches a particular drama serial on the telly..while boy boy will just sit there and watches till he falls asleep..
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There is a reporter for FOX news that will stop Pearl in her tracks. She will sit and watch until this lady goes off, then she will go on about her business. I think her name is Laurie Dhue. Fred and Georgia will watch it while in their usual spots on the couch. They aren't real picky about what they watch. We leave it on for them, because they seem to get in less trouble when left home alone.
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Snowball doesn't watch TV at all. He sleeps on my lap when I'm watching something. He's not the most exciting kitty!!
Maybe he just listens?????
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Ivo usually doesn't watch TV, unless she's walking past and there are animals or sports on. But, there is one PBS/National Geographic show she really likes, about pumas in the Andes. When that's on, she'll sit in front of the TV for the whole show, watching everything. Now, when I know it's on I'll call her out to watch it...
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Amber looks so cute! None of my cats watch tv but I've known cat's to do that! It's hillarious!
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My cat Lucky will only watch TV in the bedroom sitting on our bed, otherwise he's not really interested. My old cat Toby loved golf, would watch it for hours !
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Max would rather sleep in my lap than watch TV. He likes it better when I watch TV than read a book. He will sometimes complain to me when I'm reading.
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Yes, and he hogs the remote, too!
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awww...cute little bay-by! he can hog my remote any time he wants!
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That's adorable, tuxedokitties!!

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