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Wow, this is a very sad, but very realistic discussion.

I would imagine that there are things that we must face no matter what and I don't feel comfortable knowing that some poor person would be responsibile for my death; however, what if my folks couldn't take seeing me in this state? What if they were told there was no hope in saving me. I would hope that they would allow themselves to know and feel they did the right thing and let me go. We will see each other again! That is my belief anyway

...I don't know that it's right to sustain someone that is in terrible pain, or asks to die. If that person could, I wonder if they would take their own lives? I have read all of these posts and I'm so very sorry to read what has taken place in some of your lives. I've never been put in such a situation and I pray that I never have to.
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I agree with you. Personally, I don't want to be kept alive by artificial means if by so doing I'm going to live in a vegetative state. Mind, if using artificial means leads to my being able to live a "normal" life then I'm all for them.

To this end, I've signed one of those directive-to-physicians papers indicating no so-called "heroic" means should be used to prolong my life. Of course, the dilemma is that "heroic" measures can just as easily lead to my living a "normal" life — depending upon why such measures are contemplated in the first place. At this point, however, here in the State of Oregon that's the best I can do legal-wise.

I personally don't think anyone in the real world could be euthanized for other than patient quality-of-life reasons. The idea that somebody would be denied life-saving medical procedures just because that person might be a cantankerous, or because a beneficiary wants insurance money, is ludicrous.

Of course, all manner of "urban legend" stories will pop up via right-wing media of communication: Joe Blow from Kokomo was unplugged from his respirator by his selfish children, Aunt Martha was unplugged from thus-and-such an apparatus by hospital administrators because she couldn't pay her bill, et cetera. My death-bed fiction would feature an insurance-company representative reaching for that electrical socket in the wall on orders from bean counters at the home office!

Black-helicopter and new-world-order stories are just plain laughable, yet there are those who wish to believe such tripe. So, naturally, there will be those who buy into the notion of lab-coated grim reapers descending upon hospitals and nursing homes to end lives "prematurely" for profit.

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