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Odd "clicking" tooth noise (not excited chattering)

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My ragdoll cat has been doing this for about a week now. He will sort of make a clicking noise with one of his teeth. It's not really a clicking noise...but close, lol. When he does it, he chews for a little bit like there is something stuck between his teeth. I can tell whenever he does it, he is annoyed, but he does not do it often. It is only on the right side of his mouth, and he will not let me look at it let alone open his mouth. He has been eating just fine as well as drinking water. He is showing no other signs at all of anything being wrong.


Anyway, I know this is not the excited chattering that cats do when they see birds, bugs, squirrels, etc. He does that a lot and it is completely different. In fact most of the time he really doens't even chatter, he just twitches his tail. Whenever he clicks his tooth like I am talking about, he is just on the couch with me doing nothing.


My best guess is that it's a loose tooth, but I have no clue why it's loose. He is three years old and the only strange things he eats are moths, nothing harder than his dry food. And we also never brush his teeth. I know, that's bad, but even ragdoll cats are a big pain to do this. We give him cat greenies every day, though.


Any help diagnosing this would be much appreciated. I'll probably take him to the vet monday if he keeps doing this.

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Welcome to The Cat Site.

Sorry your cat is having problems.

I think you've diagnosed the problem--something is wrong with his mouth/tooth.  He needs to go to the vets for a thorough examination.

Good luck, and let us know what the vet says.

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