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Do I get one or not?

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I just got my paycheck a while ago...and I was expecting a little raise since I have been here for a year now (it was a year on Friday, the 26th). And...nothing...! What is the proper way to ask, or what do I do? Was I suppose to get one? At my last job, she gave me $1/hour raise after my first year. Someone please help! Thanks!
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Have you had a review? I think all of my raises have come when they give me a review.
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No, I have not had a review. They didn't even know until I said something to one of my co-workers last week that I had been there a whole year. The last time I got a raise, from another company, I didn't have a review...grrrr...
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Did you have an evaluation on your job performance? If so, thats usually when a pay raise is discussed. That's how my company does it, but I don't know about others since I've worked with this one since I was 16.

Maybe you could go to your Supervisor or Boss & explain that money is a little tight and that you were curious how you could improve your duties so you can get a raise. I know it sounds weird...but it's all about how you ask. If you come straight out & ask why you haven't got a raise, they'll be on the defensive right away. It ALWAYS impressed them when you ask what YOU can do to make a better impression on your job. That way they know that you are trying hard to do a better job & would be more likely to give you a raise.

I'm thinking like a Supervisor/Boss in this situation (since that's what my job really is) & I know that I would be more opt to give a raise in this fashion than if someone asked me bluntly.

Just my opinion...Good luck though! Hope you get a raise!
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I already go way beyond the call of duty and they realize that. So now what?
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Wait until your next check to arrive. Sometimes payroll systems are set up to pay a week after your actual work time. If you hit a year on the 26th, you wouldn't get a raise until after this time.

If it's not on there, talk to your supervisor and ask what their policy is on raises. You'll at least find out when you can expect it. This happened to me once, and by my asking, they realized that they DID mess up and my raise didn't get applied. They corrected it and gave me the back pay.
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I would take some time to prepare, listing for yourself everything you see that you do that is of value for your company. If you've received any compliments for your work, or done any special projects well, then keep those in mind, too.

Then go to your supervisor, mention that you had a one-year anniversary on such-and-such date, and say you'd like to inquire about company policy concerning job performance and salary reviews. Hopefully they'll schedule you for a review. If you've done anything especially outstanding, mention it. If they just want to discuss your performance informally, that's fine, just find ways to fit in the ways you've been of value to your company. Unfortunately, companies really don't care about your financial situation, or if money is tight for you. Personally I wouldn't recommend mentioning that. Their main concern is that you're fairly compensated for the job you do, because replacing and retraining workers can be expensive. You just need to make a case for the fact that you do your job well, that you're of value to the company, and to make sure that you're being compensated at fair market value for your efforts.

Hope this helps.
Good luck!
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At some places I've worked, they've had a policy where you get a review/raise once a year, say in february, but only after you've been there for at least 6 months prior to then. I would just ask what their policy is, I'm sure they have one..
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I would also wait until your next pay check.

Does your company have a company hand book? If so ask HR for a copy or about the review/raise policy. Then approach you superior and asked to be reviewed and considered for a salary increase.
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