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Cat IN litter box

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Does anyone have any ideas as to why my 11 year old female cat would suddenly start to lay IN her litter box??? She has never done this before and I was quite surprisd to see her laying in it when I went downstairs thius morning. There has been nothing new in her routine (or mine) and she appears to be healthy otherwise (eating, drinking and eliminating and acting normally otherwise). Any thoughts on this behavior?? Thanks!
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I'm not sure why she would just start doing that. But if it makes you feel any better, one of my younger kitties (a little over a year old) has been doing this her whole life. It is her favorite place to sleep and hang out.
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A change in behavior should always be a concern, particularly in an older cat. Sleeping in a litter box out of the blue with no routine changes in her life would cause me to pick up the phone and call a vet. She is at that age where you should start her on annual geriatric profiles so that you can catch problems as early as possible - perhaps now is the time to do this?
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I agree with momofmany and would be inclined to ask the vet in case of any specific problems due to her age. I have seen this at cat shows as well. My Katy often sleeps in the litter (when its clean) - I sometimes think she goes there and forgets what shes gone for so has a quick nap whilst she thinking about it!
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