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Need Board Magic Please!!

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I'm trying to trap the allusive boy today. I've been able to trap every last darn neutered cat out there this morning and they are all locked up in my garage.

I baited the trap, he walked in there in spite of the fact that he witnessed me trapping each one in turn earlier (I left a small trail of kibble to get him in the trap). He walked all the way into it to the end, reached his neck out as far as he could and ate the bait without tripping the trap! He even stood on the bar at the far end for a while without causing it to trip.

Now he is partly full and showing less interest in food, but I've rebaited the trap and set the tension a lot lower this time. If it doesn't work today, I'm going to have to find a different trap.

OK.....I've been trying for 6 months to get this one.....I'm bound and determined to get him today.

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D*mn! He just did it to me again!!! OK, time to find a different trap (he doesn't weigh enough to trip it)...... *sigh*
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awww I am so sorry that you were not able to catch him .
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Sending good trapping vibes to you Amy!
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Trip trap vibes coming your way!
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hi momofmany.
my trap has a hook that you slide into a hole to set it.
you can slide it in all the way or part of the way for a lighter setting. if your trap has this feature maybe you could experiment by setting it and dropping a light item onto the part he would stand on until you get it to trip easier?

I'm no expert but I remember that about my trap.

thanks, Jamie
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oops! im at work & reading fast. didnt notice you already mentioned the tension setting so you already tried that. Maybe just keep trying then & you'll get lucky.
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It's set for as light as it can go. The problem with the trap is that there isn't enough room at the bait end to put the food without him being able to stretch his neck over the trip bar. If I could get him in further, he would put enough weight on it to trip it. This is one slippery cat!

I rebaited it but of course he disappeared again. I'm trying to find another trap for the early evening feeding. County, town and the vets in the area don't have one. The next town over has one, but is giving me fits about loaning it to me, even with a deposit. I'm trying a rescue group now, and they are trying to find one for me but are all loaned out.
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what about hanging a piece of turkey or something he likes on the back inside of the trap and putting it's back against a wall (with a weight on it?) so he can't get it from outside? would that make him have to go in a little farther?
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There is only about 4 inches of room at the head end of the trap. Just got a call back from the next town and they are going to loan me a trap after all. If that one doesn't work, I'll try the turkey on a string trick - he might have to walk further to get into the trap to get it!

Thanks SO MUCH for your advice!!
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you're welcome. I hope you get him. Maybe the trap they loan you will be longer or bigger & work better.
Thanks. Jamie
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Got the new trap, looks like a better design, set with the same bait that I used this kitty in sight but have real chicken ready to add to the bait when I see his little face again. Darn rain today is not helping the situation - he is somewhere in deep hiding right now.
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I caught him about 5PM today (only 11 hours since I started this morning). He's at the vets right now. Poor little guy is not looking very healthy - this is the closest look that I've gotten with him since he first arrived. Besides being very small for his age and long coat unkempt, he definitely has some respiratory problems. Cross your fingers that he tests out OK!
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Hi. I hope he's healthy.
Maybe he needs antibiotics.
I'm glad you caught him.
In order to catch Maggie we had to coax her into the house and close the door quickly when she wasn't looking, then trap her later once she was inside (we have skunks outside and Maggie only falls for traps overnight when the skunks are out-not in the daytime)

She came back from the vet. it looks like shs'e healthy except for fleas. I'm going to post more detail under my original post about her.
Thanks. Jamie
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I am glad you finaly got him . Hopefully he will test negative and he will be ok .
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He turned out to be a she which explains why I have so much difficulty getting close to this girl. The vet even thought she was a boy - the crown of her head was very large like a Tom. My vet couldn't test her last night due to an emergency that he had. They called this morning and unfortunately, she tested positive for FeLV (as we suspected). I'll go home and have another cry tonight.......
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Hi. I'm sorry to hear about that.
I was hoping she didn't have anything serious.
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Amy, I'm so sorry. I was hoping to post my congrats on trapping (what turned out to be a) her - but it looks like hugs are in order instead.

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It was so sad this morning. When I went out for the morning feedings, only 2 cats showed up. The rest were probably spooked by yesterday's trapping and I hope they don't wander off. I cried the whole way to work this morning.

Thanks for the hugs....I need them today!
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I am so sorry for the bad news . I do feel for you . I am sure the others will come back when hungry enough . I also want to give you some ((((HUGS)))) ....
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Once they test positive for FeLV, how long do they remain healthy? Can a cat/kitten beat the odds and survive to live a long life?
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