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Question about food.

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We've been using IAMS! But, after reading about the petition... and finding out about their animal testing... we've decided no more IAMS. Our vet said IAMS was good to give them. She also said Science Diet was a good food.

We want our babies to have the best nutritional food they can have. Any suggestions here?

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I feed all of my animals Nutro, but Science Diet is also a good food.
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I use to have my food shipped from Arkansas as the food is made by a vet who also breeds abys (abys have sensitive stomachs at times) but now I use Nutri-Care which you can get at Sam's Club. I do use Nutro at times (when one of my babies are going to Rene's house) but mine hate Science Diet.

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I am also using Nutro. My cats seem to do very well on it. I have also noticed that there stool smells less with this food. They used to be on Sciene Diet which is also good but I prefer Nutro.
Plus, my cat's name is Max...get it? Nutro MAX. Ok, so I'm strange...
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My little boy loves Nutro - actually it is the only one he will eat. He is 16 months, 12.2 lbs
and still growing - we just had a growth spurt last week so it's 12.2 plus!! Anyway you should see his coat, it shines like silk and he is a very healthy thriving bengal. I definately am PRO nutro.
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Stay away from Iams and Science Diet. All vets say Science Diet is good but very few vets know what is in cat food, plus they get a "kick back" for selling it. Nutro is good, but the best are the holostic foods such as Innova, Wellness Super5Mix, Royal Canin, Precise, etc. You won't find any of these in a pet store such as the big chains. I get Innova at a health food store, Wellness Super5Mix and Royal Canin, Precise at specialty pet shops. You can go online to the websites and tell your location and it will tell you any stores that sell these products close to you. Some cost a little more but are well worth it. They have no byproducts (YUK)- check out what is in these by products and they will make you sick to your stomach, and they have no preservatives which are bad for your cat. These products have only human grade chicken, no corn, etc. Everything in them is human grade food that we would eat! Hope this helps. By the way, I give my cats three of the above all mixed together and they have NO problems. Oh, another good product is Solid Gold.
Hope this helps!
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Iams does animal testing?!?! That seems so weird since they sell products for animals!! Does anyone have any food recomendations for those of us that can't afford to pay $8 for a small bag of cat food?
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O & P

I feed my kittens Nutro, but the vet suggested Purina to my father for his cats.

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As far as I know, the think about IAMS doing animal testing is because they were bought by Procter & Gamble a few years ago (1999 ??). I don't think that they do animal testing while they are manufacturing pet food but in other areas (cosmetics, drugs & stuff)..I can't be sure of course

I would never feed my cats with Science Diet. They preserve their food with BHA & BHT, instead of Vitamin C & E, because they are cheaper ! (They are potential 'cancer, liver & kidney disorders' causing chemicals !! ) I am not sure but I think Science Diet dog food (& most other brands of dog food) is preserved with ethoxyquin, which is actually an insecticide, & is not allowed for food for human consumption (except for some spices such as paprika) !

I feed my cats with Eukanuba. I have checked Purina, Science Diet & Nutro's ingredients & I personally think Eukanuba is the best regarding to its ingredients. Yet I will never know if its ingredients were ethoxyquin preserved before even getting to the IAMS factory !!.. ... And I have no idea about the ingredients of cat food which are sold only online but not in pet-stores. There are probably high-quality products among those brands ??

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Innova is a very good cat food, but if you have an older cat trying to switch them over was impossible for me. The taste is awful to them. So starting them on this food is best to do as a kitten.

I have heard some pretty bad things about Science Diet. I guess they have cut back on some of the better ingredients to save a buck. It is not recommended by many vets any longer.

I have heard Purina being talked about more. For a cheap grocery store food, it is one of the better one's. So is Friskies. Still not as good as Eukanuba or Innova. But a lot less expensive.

Isn't Eukanuba part of the Iams family? I thought it was.
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here is the address for a thread that talks all about the different kinds of foods. I believe that it says that IAMS and Eukanuba are made by the same company, and that Eukanuba is just a higher end version of IAMS

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Yes, Iams & Eukanuba are manufactured by the same company & Eukanuba is a little bit more expensive than Iams. Actually it's the most expensive brand in pet shops. But it has got some deals always; you get 1 bag free after buying 4 bags for example. (It doesn't have to be at the same time). That closes the price difference I guess

Where can you find Innova ?? I have never heard of them.

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My vet recommends Science Diet. My cats do well on it.
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Dodo, Innova is a brand made by Natura, and their website is here: http://www.naturapet.com

The only place that sells it around here is a feed and supply store, like for farm animals.
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I feed my 2 girls dry NutroMax Kitten formula, although Cagney is 2 1/2 years old, she's 5 weeks pregnant and I think the added nutrition will benefit her kittens?

It's expensive, but I'm lucky to have a pal that drives truck for a large pet store supply company. If a bag is dirty, or ripped (OOPS! how did that happen?) it can't be sold, so he either gives it me, or I pay him $5.00 for the BIG bag.
Maybe not so honest, but my girls get quality food, and I don't go broke!

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Originally posted by Cleo
If a bag is dirty, or ripped (OOPS! how did that happen?) it can't be sold, so he either gives it me, or I pay him $5.00 for the BIG bag.
Maybe not so honest, but my girls get quality food, and I don't go broke!

Cleo: You remind me of the scene in Big Daddy where Adam Sandler makes the kid dent the cans on purpose so he can get half off.
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