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KItten makes weird noise

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Okay, I'll have to relay this bit of info as it's been troubling me. As you may have read, I'll be taking the kittens in to be spayed soon. Cindy at times makes this weird gasping/spasmic noise that sounds like, "huh-huh-huh-huh-huh." It's so difficult to describe, but my husband claims it's Cindy having problems with hairballs. I'm not so sure of this, as Lucy doesn't make this weird sound. My daughter said it sounded like a seizure, but I don't think so, as it's coming from Cindy's stomach and throat and she doesn't stiffen, writhe, or move the rest of her body. She just seems to have these stomach spasms not very often, like once a day or every other day, while just standing there and then she stops. In a way, it also sounds kind of like a gasping or wheezing for air. Any help would be appreciated. I'd hate to spend money at the vet for something like hairballs. I'm also worried that it could be something more serious. Thanks.
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If I'm imagining the sound correctly (is it sort of a fast exhaling sound?), it could indeed be some annoying hairballs ... or it could be asthma. I would definitely recommend a checkup just to be sure, because asthma -- though it can be mild -- can be serious.

I know the expense of a vet can be troubling (heck, I'm living on disability and just forked over $450 to find out my cat is fat, LOL). But it really is worth it to be certain of your cat's health situation.

Best of luck to you and Cindy!
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I'm with Kira - this could be asthma, my cat Lucky suffers with it and it's best to see a vet.

BTW Kira - love the fat kitty story btw so glad she's just porky !
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I would agree with the vet visit. If it is asthma it could become life threatening while you are waiting for it to simply "go away."
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I agree with all the others. My RB cat, Midnight, was diagnosed with asthsma toward the end of her life and she occasionally made that same noise. I had thought she was having problems with hairballs at first too.
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